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Sometimes Being Patient Pays Off October 10, 2009

Filed under: Online Deals,Victoria's Secret — Kimberly @ 12:25 AM

VS LootVS LotionI was most excited to open my mailbox yesterday and find that my two Victoria’s Secret orders from the other week had arrived.  How much money do you think an order of two body bars and one tote bag from Victoria’s Secret Pink line would cost? $15? $20? $25?  And how about an order containing a 10 oz bottle their Acai Berry & Magnolia lotion? $12? $15? $18?  Well let me tell you.  The two body bars and tote bag cost a grand total of $0.60 shipped. That’s right. It didn’t even cost me a whole dollar.  Full price the order would have cost over $30.00.  And the lotion cost under $3.00, full price it would have cost $12.00 plus shipping.  You won’t be able to copy this exact deal right now but if you are patient you may be able to make your own wonderful Victoria’s Secret deal in the future. I was able to get the deals I did by using two $10.00 off of any order of $10.00 or more reward certificates that I found in catalogs they had sent me and I combined them with a rare free shipping off any order code they had for a limited time. Oh and the tote bag? Free with another code they had available. That’s right. Victoria’s Secret will let you combine up to three codes at a time (see rules of  individual codes, not all codes combine together) when placing an online order with them.  You can also find good deals there from time to time by combining codes with their clearance items.  The take home lessons you can learn from my deal: 1. Always check catalogs for coupons or discount codes before tossing them into the recycling  2. Always check for coupon codes online (one of my favorite deal sites is before placing an online order  3. Be patient and watchful. I held onto the $10 reward certificates for several days before using them. The deals wouldn’t have been nearly as sweet if I had paid shipping on them!

Order #1

VS Pink Body Bar $5.00 x 2 (1 Soothing, 1 Nourishing)

VS Love Pink Tote Bag $19.50

 – $10.00  rewards certificate

– $19.50 free tote with any Pink purchase  ( use PINK09 as of the time of this posting this code is still valid)

– Shipping with free shipping code

+ $0.60 for tax

= $0.60 total


Order #2

VS Acai Berry & Magnolia lotion $12.00

– $10.00 reward certificate

– shipping with free shipping code

+ $0.72 tax

= $2.72 total


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