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This Week at Rite Aid (and a brief rundown on Rite Aid programs) October 10, 2009

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I’ve just recently gotten bit by the Rite Aid bug. I used to think they were overpriced so I would avoid them unless I had no other choice.  I’ve learned over the past couple of months though that Ride Aid can not only save you money but make you money!  If you play your deals right you can often score free products and end up with an overage in Single Check Rebates that you can roll over into next month’s shopping. Rite Aid has several money saving programs. The first one, Single Check Rebates, is pretty much like it sounds. You buy their qualifying products, enter your receipts online or mail them in, request your check, and receive a rebate check for that month’s qualifying purchases in the mail a few weeks later. This rebate check is then used to buy more products at Rite Aid. You can get several products for free after rebate this way.  They also have a Video Values program. To use Video Values you sign up online and watch what boils down to commercials for different products. Each video you watch earns you a printable money saving coupon and points. When you gather enough points you can redeem them for a printable $5 off $20 coupon. Rite Aid also runs a Gift of Savings program from time to time.  The Gift of Savings program works similarly to the Single Check Rebates but almost everything you buy qualifies (excluding things like stamps, gift cards, tobacco, and alcohol). If you spend $25-$50 over the qualifying time period you will receive a $5 Rite Aid gift card in return, $50-$100 you will receive a $10 Rite Aid gift card, and over $100 and you will receive a $20 gift card. The beauty of it is they take your total before coupons and SCR (single check rebates) towards your total purchase amounts so you can get a $20 gift card and spend much less than the required $100. More info on these programs can be found on Rite Aid’s web site or in their stores.

My Rite Aid run this week was actually a poor one compared to the last several weeks. Prior to this week I had been doing well at making most of the weeks money making weeks or a very small out-of-pocket but this one I actually had to spend some money out-of-pocket. It’s okay though. I got some items I needed and still saved several dollars from retail prices. Here’s the rundown:

1 Bakugan notebook reg. 3.99 on clearance for 0.99

3 Scrapkins notebooks reg. 2.49 each on clearance for 0.62 each

1 Snickers Fun Size 8 pack (my son bought this as a birthday gift for his grandfather) reg. 1.89  for 1.00

1 Birthday card  3.79

1 Nutritional Vitamin Shampoo  6.99

2 Mini staplers  .50 each (thought these would ring up on clearance too but they did not)

1 St. Ives Apricot Scrub 4.59

-1.00 St. Ives mfr coupon

– 6.99 SCR I cashed in from my savings last month

= 14.05 OOP (out-of-pocket) 

– $6.99 mail in rebate for the Vitamin Shampoo (look for bottles with the Try Me Free rebates around the neck)

= $7.06

This particular purchase will also give me $20.84 towards my GOS (Gift of Savings) gift card. I’m just $4.18 away from the $20 gift card and have only spent approx. $15  OOP  towards it (most of it which came from this week’s purchase).

Next week is looking better. There are several free after rebates items on sale next week that will go towards my GOS and this month’s SCR (so far I’m over $11 for this month, I can’t remember the exact total). If I do my shopping right next week will easily be a money making week at Rite Aid.

Rite Aid Oct. 8


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  1. […] lady left me a great deal off goodies. First there was the Vitamin Shampoo rebate as mentioned in this post. I also received two out of three SC Johnson rebates that I mentioned here and in other posts.  […]

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