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FREE this week at Rite Aid October 12, 2009

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Rite Aid has many free after rebate items this week (see my first Rite Aid post for info on Rite Aid’s rebate program)! This is a great way to stock up for cold and flu season and round off your GOS (see my first Rite Aid post).  My purchase today looked like this:

1 Advil 50 ct  6.49   (this purchase was for my mom)

1 ginger ale  1.54  (not on sale but I needed something to settle my stomach today as I ate some food that didn’t agree with me yesterday)

1 Carmex 3 pack .35 oz tubes 1.99

1 Sucrets Citrus Cough Drops 2.99

1 Bee MD Honey Lemon Cough Drops  2.99

1 BodiHeat Heat Pads 2.99

Total 18.49

– 6.49 cost of Advil for my mom (This wasn’t free…she paid me back for it. I’d leave it off of my post all together except that the cost of it went towards my GOS and I wanted to show you where everything came from).

Total 12.00

– 1.99 SCR Carmex

– 2.99 SCR Sucrets

– 2.49 SCR Bee MD

– 2.99 SCR BodiHeat

Total OOP (after rebates) = 1.54 (the cost of the Ginger Ale)

Amount towards GOS = 18.49    

I have now qualified for the $20 Rite Aid GOS gift card. My SCR for this month so far is $22.15 which means I have made a profit at Rite Aid this month.  My plan is to use the gift card from the GOS and this month’s SCR to purchase stocking stuffers for my boys next month. Hopefully some of those items will gain me more SCRs as well so I can keep the process going without added much more OOP expense to start over again!

Free After Rebate (except the Ginger Ale)


Other items available this week free after rebate:

Comtrex 20 ct  3.99   -SCR 3.99 = FREE

Breath Again Nasal Spray 3.3 oz  7.99   -SCR 7.99=FREE

Children’s Throat Cooler 6 ct 2.99  -SCR 2.99=FREE

Dr. Thompson’s Coldwar 20 ct 3.99  -SCR 3.99=FREE

Simply Saline Nasal Mist 3 oz 4.99  -SCR 4.99=FREE

Simply Saline Children’s Nasal Mist 1.5 oz 3.99  -SCR 3.99=FREE

Chloraseptic AllergenBlock Gel  9.99  -SCR 9.99=FREE

Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm 2.29  -SCR 2.29=FREE

Sinus Buster or Allergy Buster 20 ml 8.99  -SCR 8.99=FREE

And more fantastic Rite Aid deals this week:

Look for good deals on Olay, Herbal Essences, Cover Girl, Old Spice, Pantene, Oral-B, Pampers (I think I’m not sure what good diaper deals are anymore) and Aussie products. They are on sale this week and if you have coupons for them it will make the deal even sweeter.  They also qualify towards the Procter and Gamble rebate  that is available this month which is receive a $10 Rite Aid gift card with any $30 purchase of P&G brand items. 

Also a great deal on Nyquil products can be had if you have the available Nyquil coupon. The 10 oz or 20 ct products are on sale for 5.49 this week -1.00 mfr coupon -2.00 SCR = 2.49.

Sea Breeze cleanser is 4.99  with a 4.00 SCR this week making it 0.99 after SCR.

After typing up all of these addtional deals I think I may need to make a second trip to Rite Aid this week!


6 Responses to “FREE this week at Rite Aid”

  1. Jacky Says:

    Hey Kim…have you seen this program?

    It ends on the 17th, but if you have saved your Rite Aid receipts for the past month you can still enter them (and it’s all pre-coupon prices, so that’s even better!). I have made the $100 mark (not that I spent that much after all my coupons, but like I said, they go by the price before the coupons so…).

  2. kimberlyna Says:

    I have, thank you! That is what I am talking about when I mention GOS (Gift of Savings) in my posts. As of yesterday I also reached the $100 mark. Glad to see other people are doing it too!

    • kimberlyna Says:

      I guess the proper term for it right now is Rake In the Savings. During the holidays last year it was called Gift of Savings so I guess I got stuck on that term! Same idea, different name.

  3. Alison Says:

    I haven’t started shopping at Rite Aid yet, because it isn’t on my regular grocery shopping circuit… but this week makes it sound like I should! What days do the Rite Aid sales start?

  4. kimberlyna Says:

    Rite Aid sales start on Sundays. Some weeks are duds, some a great (like this week) and most are somewhere in the middle.

    Next week it looks like there will be several BOGO free items, several BOGO 50% off items and the following items for free after single check rebate:

    NielMed Sinus Flo Ready Rinse
    NasoGel Drip Free Gel Spray
    NielMed Nasal Mist Saline Spray
    Zucol Coldcare Lozenges
    Kids Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray or Relief Strips in Grape
    Children’s Coldcalm Pellets
    Chestal Honey Cough Syrup
    Little Colds Cold Formula
    Little Colds Sore Throat or Mucus Relief Meltaways
    Blink Tears Eye Drops
    Little Allergies Allergen Block
    Sambucol Immune System Booster
    eos Lip Balm
    Cepacol Fizzers just for Sore Throats

    I don’t know if any of these match up with coupons to become money makers or not. I have not checked yet, nor have I checked the other sale items against coupons yet.

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