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Acme This Week October 14, 2009

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Here it is… my deal of the week.  I wish I had been able to get it out sooner so others could take advantage of it… but you’ve got two more days to jump on it!

Here’s what I purchased

Here’s the total before sales and coupons: $92.74

And the total that I actually paid: $26.22

The Highlights:

  • Quaker Sale – Sale price $1.50/box – buy 10 and save $5 instantly – I bought 8 boxes of cereal and two boxes of granola bars… and used a $1.00/two (available here and in last Sunday’s SmartSource insert) which of course Acme doubled
  • Acme is running a instant save deal this week with more products than I could begin to count.  For every $10 worth of qualifying products you bought you saved $3 instantly.  I bought $20 worth and had coupons for all of them totaling $9.90.  So $20 – 9.90 in coupons – $6 instant savings = $4.10 for 12 items

It was a great trip!  Check out the list of qualifying items here and see what you can save!


3 Responses to “Acme This Week”

  1. kimberlyna Says:

    Great job! The best I can do usually is cut my bill in half at Price Chopper, if I’m lucky. Once in a GREAT while we save more than we spend but that’s rare. I wish we had other stores available sometimes (other than Hannafords which we never shop at).

  2. sdgomez Says:

    yeah, I sometimes get jealous of some of the grocery shopping options other people have too… the ones around here are small chains and don’t usually have a great deal of free or close-to-free deals 😦

    I make up for it in personal supplies at CVS though — guess it all comes out in the wash..

  3. Alison Says:

    I have to travel half an hour away to get to the decent shopping, but it is totally worth it to me. Our town itself doesn’t really have a grocery store… more of a glorified convenience store. In the bigger town I have lots more choices, and because of the competition, better prices. Though Kim, every time I’ve been up your way lately it has seemed like you have better prices on groceries in general. We often find ourselves wishing for a Price Chopper!

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