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Quick Safeway Trip October 14, 2009

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Nothing was too special about the deals at Safeway this week – except for the meat.  We go through a lot of ground beef at our house and this was the week for stocking up.  It’s times like these I really wish that we had a big freezer… someday…  Anyway, they ran a 72 hour sale that included Roma tomatos at $0.72/lb and the ground beef at $1.49/lb – the cheapest I’ve ever seen it.

Also exciting for me was that it was my first experience stacking coupons there.  Safeway is one of many stores where you can load coupons onto your club card.  So this week there were things on sale that I had printed coupons AND loaded coupons for… which has the same effect as triple coupons!  I did get some good deals out of that… including two boxes of toaster strudels for $1.17 ea

Here’s what I got: shopping 003

Total before savings: $74.13

What I paid: $29.69

Best Part of the Trip:  the cashier was amazed.  I love it when people want to know how I manage to save so much money.  It’s nice to have your hard work – and yes it IS hard work – recognized.  As I said in an earlier post, this was also the first time I had taken my husband with me… it was great to see his face when the totals came up.  He had no idea how much money we were really saving and just how worth it all those coupons are.


4 Responses to “Quick Safeway Trip”

  1. Emily Says:

    That is great Alison. I’d like to save that much on my groceries. I’m very proud of you. Your father will be too. I love you.

  2. Emily Says:

    I like your background.

  3. Emily Says:

    Why are you still up at that time of the night?

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