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Homemade Simple Coupon Booklet October 17, 2009

Filed under: Coupons,Freebies — Kimberly @ 5:58 PM

If you haven’t already discovered the Homemade Simple coupon booklets than you are missing out! P&G puts out a new link for these every so often and you can sign up to have a booklet of high value coupons mailed to you each time there is a new offer for one. Sometimes the booklets even have a coupon for a free item in them!  Coupons included in the booklet are for Mr. Clean products, Febreze products, Dawn products, Cascade products, and Swiffer products.  I’ve signed up for several of these over the past several months and as long as I don’t  try to sign up for the same offer twice they always come. Go here to sign up for the latest offering and get your very own Homemade Simple coupon booklet and start saving on some of your favorite P&G brands.


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