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Shop Cheap and Buy Ahead October 17, 2009

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After a long, not-on-purpose hiatus from “deal shopping”, I’ve finally gotten out of the house to hit some stores today. Well, one so far, but I hope to get out again this afternoon to catch some sales before the week is over…

My best tip for the day is simply this:  Know what’s around you.  Jeremiah and I lived in Carlisle for over a year before I ever heard of “the bent and dent store” that is near by. Then it was another few months before I ventured in to see if it was as good as it was spoken of… Why?? I don’t know!

Take today’s trip for example — Jeremiah asked me to keep my eyes open for two things: Coffee and Creamer.  Unfortunately, they have never stocked creamer for as long as I have looked for it. BUT, I struck gold by looking for coffee.  Not only did I find CHEAP coffee, but I found his FAVORITE coffee CHEAP!  I came home with SIX bags of Seattle’s Best coffee for a total of $12.50.  Pretty sure it is on sale this week at Walmart for $6.00 a bag… So that’s a savings of $23.50 right there!

Granted, you probably don’t have a “BB’S Bent, Bumps, and Bundles of Bargains” 30 minutes from your house, but what DO you have?

Another score I made recently was on chicken — Chicken, as you well know, is not as cheap as it once was… OR IS IT!?  We have a store near here that often sells boneless skinless chicken for $1.78/lb when you buy 10lbs or more. Last week, it was on for $1.49!  Guess who stocked up!

The next thing we are going to need, in case you haven’t figured it out, is a deep freeze… Anyone know of any good deals on those??


2 Responses to “Shop Cheap and Buy Ahead”

  1. Alison Says:

    I’m totally with you on the freezer Sarah! We don’t have a place for one in our house – it’s too small! – but I would love to have one. Our little freezer is stocked as it is. As far as chicken goes, I won’t buy it unless it is $1.79/lb or less… and the last time I bought it I think it was $1.67. I buy lots at a time, but I’d buy a lot more if I had a big freezer!

    • sdgomez Says:

      Yeah we ALWAYS wait until chicken is on sale for 1.78 or less… I got it a few times last year at $1/pound but not since the economy went down. Oh well $1.49 is not bad!!!

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