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Impressions of Alice (a follow up) October 22, 2009

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I posted my original post about here so if you aren’t familiar with Alice please read that post first.


My order arrived today safe and sound. I ordered from Alice on 10-17 and it is now 10-22 so I consider that a reasonable turn around time. Everything that I ordered was present. It came in a nice blue and black box with those air-filled recyclable cushioning thingies. For shipping I give Alice an “A”.


For my order I ordered 4 different boxes of Kotex liners. Each were $0.66 after their price of $1.16 and a $0.50 coupon that Alice automatically applied to each one. Shipping was free and tax was $0.16. So the grand total was $2.80 for four boxes of liners. Overall I give Alice an “A” for prices. To break it down, I give Alice a “B” compared to possible drugstore and grocery store prices (you can often get liners for free or under $0.50 after coupons, rebates, and sales those places), but compared to other online retailers I give Alice an “A+”.  Prices also seem decent for those people that don’t track sales and cut coupons and those that don’t have many shopping options locally.


For ease of shopping Alice gets an “A”.  You just can’t beat ordering things online and having it show up at your doorstep and even though I haven’t used their reminder service yet I think that is something any busy person could appreciate. No more setting your Blackberry with a reminder to pick up tampons each month or sending your husband after them as you sit in your bathroom and wait for his return (okay so I’ve never actually done those things but I can totally imagine my forgetfulness resulting in something like that). The website could be a tiny bit easier to navigate, but once you get the hang of it it’s smooth sailing.


I would definitely recommend for those who are looking to buy their household and personal care items online for a decent price. I will certainly return there myself in the future to see if there are any deals worth partaking of! Now that I’ve experienced Alice I would not hesitate to place a larger order there in the future.


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