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One Day, Two Rite Aid Trips October 26, 2009

Filed under: Rite Aid — Kimberly @ 7:53 PM

I don’t normally make multiple Rite Aid trips in one week, much less one day. Today was the exception though. My first trip was for taking advantage of this week’s SCR deals and the second trip was because I messed up on one of the SCR offers and had to get another item to qualify for the rebate and the boys finally wore me down on Halloween costumes.

Trip #1

GE 75 Watt Soft White light bulb (2 pack) reg. 4.99   $1.00

St Ives Apricot Scrub 10 oz reg. 5.29   $3.99

Kotex reg. 3.99    $2.99

-1.00 MFC

= $7.46

What I will get back from SCR= 

$2.00 for the Kotex

$3.00 for the St. Ives

$2.00 for the light bulbs (the rebate is actually for two packages of light bulbs, not one, so when I went back later in the day I bought the second package I needed to get the rebate).

=$7.00 back so I really only paid $0.46 after rebates.  I was hoping for this trip to be a money maker but my store didn’t have the final item I needed to make it a money marker, which was Vaseline Intensive Care Sheer Infusion Lotion.

Trip #2

Halloween Sword (x2) reg. 2.99 ea.   $1.49 ea.

Halloween Ninja Costume reg. 17.99   $8.99

Halloween Ninja Costume reg. 9.99   $4.99

GE 60 Watt Soft White Light Bulb (2 pack) that I needed to complete rebate from first trip reg. 4.99  $1.00

Halloween Eco Tote Bag (x2) reg. 1.99 ea.   $o.49 ea.

Total= $19.24  

So yes, I actually gave Rite Aid some money today. Considering I got two Halloween costumes (which will double as costumes for dress-up after Halloween), two Halloween swords (which will also double as accessories for dress-up after Halloween), two reusable Halloween totes (which I’m considering altering with other fabric or fabric paints, if the boys allow me to, after Halloween so they can be used year-round), 2 packages of light bulbs, 1 St. Ives scrub, and 1 package of Kotex for $19.70 after rebates I’d say I did pretty good even though I had to pay.


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