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My Big, Capital F shopping trip November 2, 2009

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In this case, “F” does not stand for “fabulous” or “fantastic” as it sometimes would.. Nope, in this case, the “F” stands for “Flop” or “Failure” or “Foolishness…”  Needless to say, my deal shopping did not go as planned today.

Jer and I have both landed ourselves a couple of head colds, so I went to take advantage of the “Buy $20, get $10 back in ECB” deal at CVS.. (My first mistake was going with a head cold!!! I was NOT thinking straight)

I wanted to buy the following:

2 Vicks Vapo Rub ointments, $5 each

1 DayQuil/ 1 NyQuil (which I swear I saw previewed on sale for 2/$5 but they weren’t)

2 Ricola cough drops $2 each

and 1 CVS brand cough drop $1

That should have equaled $20 for the $10 back…

But I had a $5 off $25 coupon, so I added a bit.

Kleenex was on sale Buy One Get One Free at $2.39

and I picked up the sticky notes which I had a raincheck for.

All that should have equaled … $26.76.

I used the $5 off $25 coupon, $1 ECB, $1.50 off dayquil, and $1.00 off vapo rub. And somehow my total was $25 something… that was enough to throw me off but I couldn’t figure it out..

Turns out, the Day/NyQuil was not on QUITE the sale that I thought it was.. it was $5each, not 2/$5… AND I bought the wrong one.. I bought the Cold and Flu that rang up at $5.99 each and did NOT work towards the ECB deal.. So I got Andrew (my shift manager friend 🙂 ) to return the Cold and Flu and get the Sinus ones that were the right ones.. and I left… still knowing something was not right but not able to put cold-stuffed brain on it…

In the car, I realized to myself “Self! if the Day/NyQuil were twice as much as you expected, you only needed to get half as many to reach the $20.”  And then I realized that my Kleenex did not ring up as BOGO like I anticipated.  There is the $7.49 I did not expect to pay…

Needless to say, I’ll be returning to the store tomorrow to see how much of a pain I can be by returning the unneeded NyQuil (store brand works just as well and I was only getting this because it was cheap and ended up spending an extra $5!!) and exchanging the 2 boxes of Kleenex for ones that are actually included in the sale (I looked it up in the flyer, and it looks like I grabbed the ONE variety that is not listed in the ad…)

Then I shot over to Giant and ended up leaving empty handed because they were out of the 8 O’Clock coffee that was going to cost me $0.95 each and they had no International Delight Creamer that I was going to get for free OR Coffee Mate that was going to be $0.66 a bottle…


I swear, I won’t step into another store  besides for my return to CVS tomorrow until after this cold clears up (except maybe a quick trip to Rite Aid for a free after rebate toothbrush!)



One Response to “My Big, Capital F shopping trip”

  1. kimberlyna Says:

    There are times I avoid deal shopping 1. When I’m sick. 2. When I have little people with me. and 3. When I’m over-tired. It’s just too distracting! I hope you feel better soon and good luck w/your returns!

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