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Stocking Stuffers Dollar Tree Style November 14, 2009

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Since we were out and about shopping today I requested that we stop at the Dollar Tree. I’m not a huge fan of dollar stores because you have to be careful about what you buy there. It is easy to buy things you don’t really need because “It’s only one dollar!” and it’s easy to overpay for items because you think everything in the store must be a deal (not true). I do, however, like dollar stores around Christmas time when I’m looking for inexpensive items to stuff shoe boxes for Samaritan Purse (shopped for those last week at a different $ store) and when I’m looking for inexpensive stocking stuffers. The men in my life sat it out in the car while I did a quick trip around the store. I was able to pick up the following items:

 Package of 2 Elmo Board Books x3 (gifts)

Bath Brush (for me)

Package of Foam Paint Brushes (for my husband, he goes through a lot of these)

2 Pack of 3M Scotch Tape x2 (one for me, one pack to split between my kids’ stockings)

Bag of Mounds Candy Bars (stocking stuffer)

Bag of Dark Hershey Kisses (stocking stuffer)

Magic Face Cloths x3 (stocking stuffers and a spare)

Life Saver Candies in Ornament x2 (to hang on the tree for my kids)

Package of 3 Avery Glue Sticks x2 (stocking stuffers)

Sharpie Marker (stocking stuffer)

Winter Hat Donation

Total: $17.72

I just realized when I wrote this post up that the cashier didn’t charge me for one of the face cloths. I would have pointed out that out to her if I had noticed but we were chatting the whole time she was ringing me up. 

Don’t shy away from the dollar stores if you are on a mission, but remember to be mindful of what the same items would cost at other stores, the quality of the items, and whether or not you truly need them. Also don’t forget to check the expiration dates of consumable items and never purchase the toothpaste! I could have probably gotten some of these items for less if I was able to be at the right place at the right time, such as the tape and glue sticks, but it’s still better than paying full price so I’m pleased with what I purchased.

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2 Responses to “Stocking Stuffers Dollar Tree Style”

  1. I like visiting the dollar store occasionally — I never know what I’ll find there! We did a stocking stuffer shoebox for seafarers one year, and we were able to find lots at the dollar store.

    I’ve never bought toothpaste at the dollar store, but I’ve never heard that I definitely shouldn’t. I’ve always tended to shy away from food items, but I imagine if they’re brand name and within expiration, like the candy you bought, they should be OK. What’s the reason on the toothpaste?

    Oh, I also like the dollar section at Target — today I got a 100-piece glow in the dark dinosaur puzzle for a boy’s stocking stuffer, and a all-in-one brush/mirror “compact”.

    • kimberlyna Says:

      If I remember correctly from an article I read a long time ago the toothpaste may be made in other countries and not made under the same regulations as we have here in the US. Don’t quote me on it though.

      I don’t have a Target within a reasonable distance so I’ve never seen their dollar section. Sounds neat though. What boy doesn’t like glow-in-the-dark and dinosaurs! Sometimes you can find neat things for $1 at Michaels also.

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