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Rite Aid Or Ghost Town? November 15, 2009

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I stepped into my Rite Aid today to get in on some of this week’s deals and I’m pretty sure I saw a tumbleweed blow through the front of the store! There was hardly another soul in the store and the shelves looked like they were picked clean. For a brief moment I thought the town was preparing for some impending disaster that I had not been notified about! I feel fortunate that I was able to find anything I had on my list! I could not get the 50 count Christmas lights for 1.99 that I wanted, nor were there any of the Tic Tacs that would have been free after coupon, and not one Arm & Hammer Spinbrush for children could be found (instead I got one for adults and I hope it is not too big for my oldest child as he’s been asking for an electric or battery operated toothbrush and this will go in his stocking). This is what I was able to accomplish with what small pickings were available:

Kotex Overnights 14 ct  reg. 3.99   $2.99

Always Infinity 18 ct  reg. 5.99   $5.29

Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Pro Clean reg. 9.29   $5.99

LED Christmas Lights (x2) reg. 5.99 or 2/10.00   $10.00

– 2.00 Spinbrush MFQ (printable version available here)

– 1.oo Kotex MFQ (printable version available here)

–  5.29 Always Infinity Free 18 ct MFQ (came with free Always samples in the mail)

– 3.00 off $15.00 or more Rite Aid Purchase (available to print here)

= $14.26 OOP after sales tax. 

I will get back the following in SCRs

$2.00 for the Kotex

$2.00 for the Spinbrush

Making the total for this purchase after rebates: $10.26 (for a total savings of $20.77 off retail price).

Nov 2009

For all of the current Rite Aid deals this week visit and check out what other people have found. There is a free after rebate toothpaste deal and possible free light bulbs after coupons and rebate this week that I didn’t take advantage of that you may be interested in as well as some other deals.  You can make money off of your Rite Aid shopping this week if you do only the best deals.  Happy Deal Hunting!


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