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A Good Mail Day November 19, 2009

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Today the mail lady left me a great deal off goodies. First there was the Vitamin Shampoo rebate as mentioned in this post. I also received two out of three SC Johnson rebates that I mentioned here and in other posts.  And if receiving three checks in the mail weren’t enough to put a spring in my step I got my Bath & Body Works order which I wrote about here.

To top it off I received my $3 Bliss order that I purchased just three days ago. I didn’t post about the Bliss deal (a limited time code for free shipping and a gift with purchase) because it ultimately led to chaos, confusion, and their website being crashed.  I just barely got in on it myself. Even after getting my order in I had to work to get my free shipping as I was charged $7.95 for it. I informed them (kindly) that I wanted my order canceled, or the unauthorized shipping charges removed thinking  that they would probably cancel my order. In the end though Bliss customer service offered an apology for the shipping charge and has issued refund for it.  The gift with purchase is the Ultimate Starter Kit pictured below and has a $70 value. The $3 I paid was the price of the travel size shower gel I ordered. It would have cost me $80.95 to places this order and have it shipped without the code for a savings of $77.95!  I’m not sure if I will keep this kit or give it as a gift.  I have never tried Bliss products before due to their cost so it’s tempting to keep, but I don’t really need more beauty products at the moment. For the time being it is going in the gift tote. I do know, that if I am able to, I will probably shop with Bliss again as I’m impressed with the speed of their shipping and with their customer service. Thanks Bliss!

Now I’ve got a few more Christmas gifts under my belt. If only the men in my life were this easy to shop for!


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