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Christmas Gifts… Sale Items November 23, 2009

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From Bath & Body Works:

Brown Plush Reindeer (this is SO cute, sorry, no pic yet) reg. 10.00    $5.oo

Vanilla Bean Noel 14.5 oz Jar Candle (Secret exclusive)  reg. 17.50   $10.00

Shipping was $3 with the coupon code 3DOLLARSHIP (exp. 11/25)

I ordered just for the candle but the reindeer is so cute and cuddly (I fell in love with him the last time I was in their store) that I couldn’t resist.

Barnes & Noble

SAHM I Am (Bargain Book) reg. ?   $4.48

@ Home For Christmas (Bargain Book) reg. ?   $4.48

Life’s A Beach (Bargain Book) reg. ?   $4.48

The Last Olympian (Hardcover…Percy Jackson series) reg.?   $9.71

Hour of the Olympics (Magic Tree House series)  $3.59

Shipping was free because the order was over $25 

I love browsing the bargain books at B&! I could have easily ordered more, but since I was only planning on ordering the Percy Jackson book in particular, I did enough damage. 

Some of you may wonder why shop online so much. Quite simply the majority of stores are almost an hour away from me. I’d much rather pay a few dollars here and there for shipping than have to venture that far every time I need to pick up a candle or a book (or 5).  If you keep your eyes open for sales, coupon codes, and free shipping offers you can usually pick up products for the same price, or less than, what you’d pay for them in brick and mortar stores.


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