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How’s Your Bargain Shopping Helping You (and others) This Holiday Season? November 23, 2009

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We all know that shopping for the holidays can be expensive. There are meals to make, gifts to buy, events to attend, and people asking for donations around every corner. What is your bargain hunting enabling you to do this holiday season? Please share your stories by leaving a comment to this post.

I’ll share briefly what it is doing for me this holiday season:

1. I am able to provide gifts from my “stash” for some of my gift recipients (this includes items from places like Rite Aid and the grocery store, to items I’ve picked up on clearance or for free from places like Yankee Candle, Bath & Body Works, Toys R’ Us, Avon, Victoria’s Secret and more) and give provide nice gifts for little cost OOP.  Two gifts I’m giving that I’m particularly fond of are two HUGE tote bags full of different items for the home, beauty items, pampering items, and personal care that I will combine with grocery store gift cards. Hopefully the recipients will enjoy trying out some new things and use the money they’ll save on having to not buy themselves these types of products for a while for something they need or want. 

2. To tie into the first thing I’ve said I’ve been able to greatly reduce the amount spent on gifts for everyone this year without sacrificing anything, even if I’ve been buying the gifts particularly for Christmas and not just taking them from my extras.  A lot of items have been on sale or purchased with gift cards earned from Swagbucks, MyPoints, doing online surveys, or money earned from writing for eHow.

3. I’ve been able to donate items to people who need it.  We put together two shoeboxes for the Samaritan’s Purse Christmas Child program. I have several items set aside to gift to a teenage girl whom  I’ll “adopt” for Christmas. There are items I’ve been setting aside to send overseas to the troops (there’s only so much free lip balm one family can use). All of this will cost me very little OOP but be priceless to the people who will receive the gifts.

4. We’re making Thanksgiving dinner here for the first time. Thanks to the coupon cutting and watching sales we’ll be able to create a Thanksgiving meal, with plenty of leftovers, and not go over our weekly grocery budget.

Now let me here from you!  We can inspire each other!


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