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Rite Aid 3 Day Sale November 26, 2009

Filed under: Rite Aid — Kimberly @ 1:44 PM

Rite Aid’s 3 Day Sale, a.k.a. their Black Friday sale or Thanksgiving sale, starts today (Thanksgiving day) in select stores!  I normally don’t shop on Thanksgiving.  Due to the flu my Thanksgiving day plans have completely fizzled out though, so my oldest child and I made a trip to Rite Aid this morning for some retail therapy to lift my spirits. Amazingly everything I had on my list was in stock!

Hot Wheels (x4) reg. 1.59 ea   $0.50 ea

Holiday Wrapping Paper 50 sq ft (x2) reg. 1.99 ea   $0.77 ea

Pet Bed reg. 9.99   $4.99

Phillips In-Ear Headphones w/Case reg. 10.99   $4.99

Shick Intuition Plus Razor reg. 9.99   $1.99

Shick Xtreme 3 Disposable Razors reg. 7.99   $0.99

Yule Christmas Lights (x2) reg. 5.99 ea   $5.00 ea

– 1.oo peelie coupon found on the Shick Xtreme 3 razors (horray for free razors!)

= $25.50 + tax =27.09

-$4.99 in SCR for the Phillips headphones (making the headphones free)

Total After SCR= $22.10  (savings of $42.86)

Not too shabby! I could have printed a money saving coupon such as this $5 off $25 for an even better deal but I was betting on my Rite Aid not having everything in stock (per usual). Next time I will take one anyway just in case!

This will also give me $27.09 towards Rite Aid’s current GOS program qualifying me for the $5 GOS!

p.s. My son was thrilled that Bakugan are also on sale 2/$10.00 so he picked up one for himself and one for his younger brother in a separate transaction. That receipt will add $10 towards the next GOS tier.


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