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Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale December 26, 2009

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Bath and Body Works has started their semi-annual sale online (starts tomorrow 12/27 in stores). Although I’m not as impressed thus far with this year’s end of the year sale as I was with the previous year there are still some good deals, especially if you’re not already stocked up on your favorites, or need to get a stockpile going for upcoming birthdays. Most of what is on sale I am well stocked on for myself and others. I did take advantage of the sale price on Slatkin candles, however, because they are my favorite candles ever and placed an order online (one thing I’ve learned about semi-annual sales is you don’t delay on buying things you really want, items can sell out quickly). For $71.33 after shipping and sales tax I was able to get the following 14 items (use code 1419 to get $10 off any order $40 or more exp. 1/31/10), prices reflect the $10 discount that was applied to my order:

            item: 6688736
           Description: Casual Boots, TAN, SIZE 8
           Quantity: 1 @ $14.80 

           Item: 7045459
           Description: 4 oz. Filled Candle, CARIBBEAN ESCAPE, NO SIZE
           Quantity: 1 @ $4.29 

           Item: 7045461
           Description: 4 oz. Filled Candle, ISLAND MARGARITA, NO SIZE
           Quantity: 1 @ $4.29 

           Item: 7045460
           Description: 4 oz. Filled Candle, SEASIDE ESCAPE, NO SIZE
           Quantity: 1 @ $4.29 

           Item: 6131254
           Description: 4 oz. Filled Candle, FRESH BALSAM, NO SIZE
           Quantity: 1 @ $4.29 

           Item: 5301324
           Description: 4 oz. Filled Candle, CINNAMON STICK, NO SIZE
           Quantity: 1 @ $4.29 

           Item: 5301317
           Description: 4 oz. Filled Candle, CREAMY NUTMEG, NO SIZE
           Quantity: 1 @ $4.29 
           Item: 5392410
           Description: 4 oz. Filled Candle, CARIBBEAN SALSA, NO SIZE
           Quantity: 1 @ $4.29 

           Item: 2837109
           Description: Travel-Size Be More Pacific Shower Cream, TRUE BLUE
           Quantity: 1 @ $2.57 

           Item: 2837108
           Description: Travel Size Tahiti Sweetie Body Lotion, TRUE BLUE
           Quantity: 1 @ $2.57 

           Item: 5127890
           Description: Travel-Size Body Lotion , JASMINE VANILLA, NO SIZE
           Quantity: 1 @ $2.57 

           Item: 5127888
           Description: Travel-Size Body Lotion, BLACK CURRANT VANILLA, NO SIZE
           Quantity: 1 @ $2.57 

           Item: 5127896
           Description: Travel-Size Body and Shine Conditioner, ORANGE GINGER, NO SIZE
           Quantity: 1 @ $2.57 

           Item: 5127894
           Description: Travel-Size Body and Shine Shampoo, ORANGE GINGER, NO SIZE
           Quantity: 1 @ $2.57 

I have not calculated my savings yet as I will have to go back and look at the regular prices on their site. I will post an update when I get around to doing it.  I can tell you the candles alone usually retail for $9.50 each.

To see what else is available for sale online and in their stores visit and don’t forget if you shop online to go through a reward site like Mypoints to further your benefits!

Have you shopped any after-Christmas sales? If you have any wonderful deals you’d like to share about please leave use a comment letting us know about it!


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