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More on the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale January 2, 2010

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If you haven’t been to your local Bath & Body Works for their semi-annual sale and plan to you may want to make a trip soon!  I stopped by my closest Bath & Body Works store yesterday while I was in the mall for something else (more on that in another post) and couldn’t believe the lack of stock they had! Last year the were packed full of items for 50% off, 75% off, even some 90% off towards the end of the sale, that were overflowing into bins underneath the tables. This year there is empty shelves in some spots and very little to pick from. I really only went in to see if they had any Twisted Peppermint lotion or body wash left (nope) or Frosted Cranberry candles (again that was a negative), and although I did pick some other items up, I was really disappointed with the sale. I guess the rumors I had heard about them ordering way less stock this past year were true!

Here’s what I found to buy at my store (YMMV):

10 oz Festive Vanilla Fig lotion reg. 12.00   $3.00

10 oz Yuletide Pear Vanilla lotion reg. 12.00   $3.00

Double Layer Shea Socks (the only had pink ones left) x 2 reg. 7.50 ea   $3.75 ea

Cream Lambie Sleep Mask (only 3 left in the store) reg. 10.00   $2.50

Plush Polar Bears (both colors of reindeer were out of stock) x2 reg. 10.00 ea   $2.50 ea

Wallflowers Fresh Bamboo 2 pack refills (they had this fragrance and Fresh Linen) reg. 12.50   $5.00

Lambie Slippers (they only had Med. left) reg. 12.50   $3.12

Slatkin 14.5 oz Twisted Peppermint 3 Wick Candle (only had about 4 different fragrances left) reg. 19.50   $9.75

Slatkin 4 oz Ginger Vanilla Candle (had around 6 different fragrances left) reg. 9.50   $4.75

8 oz Spiced Gingersnap Body Lotion reg.9.00   $3.00

I used a $10 off $30 (check the bottom of your receipts for a survey opportunity, if you call in and do the survey you will get a code for $10 off your next $30 or more purchase that never expires, and the survey is usually very short) from an old survey receipt making my total for everything $38.82. Purchased at regular price without the survey coupon my items would have totaled $139.92 for a savings of $101.10.  Some items I will be keeping, others will be used in the Yankee Swap this coming Christmas that we do with my mom’s extended family.

If you are really in the market for something specific I would call your Bath & Body Works ahead of time to see if they item(s) you have are in stock, particularly if you were going to make a special trip there for it. If you are just stopping by the sale for the fun of it to see what treasures you can find than it may be worth the trouble as long as you’re not expecting a HUGE selection.


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