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2010 Financial Goals January 3, 2010

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A new year is a great time to take a new look at your finances. Have you set your goals for this year? If not it may be a good time to take a look at your income and your outgoing money and see how you stand. Do you want to reduce your bills? Pay off debt? Stay out of debt? Save for something important? All of that takes planning and awareness. My personal goal for 2010 is to become more aware of where my money is going. I love to shop. I love to partake in a good deal. I need to, however, learn when to say no when it’s not something I really need. This is going to be a big challenge for me! I also hope to continue to reduce our grocery bill. I made a giant leap towards that over the past year by tracking sales and using coupons but I know I can do even better. Meanwhile my husband (the real financial guru in the house) is keeping track of all of our outgoing money and figuring out how we can continue to reduce our debt. We made some good progress with this in 2009 and hope to do even better in 2010. What are your goals this year? How do you plan to achieve them?


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