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An Unusual Purchase January 8, 2010

Filed under: Amazon — Kimberly @ 1:32 PM

Yes, dear blog readers, you are seeing correctly. I purchased 24 boxes of colored pencils. Why? Because it cost me $5.67 total. That’s less than $0.24 per box. Even if the quality isn’t perfect (I haven’t checked them out yet) I’m sure they will be worth $0.24 a box.  Normally I believe they sell for around $25.00 a case.  A few boxes will be kept to use around the house, some will go into Christmas shoeboxes later this year, a couple may find their way to my nephews, the others will be set aside to perhaps use for gifts or to donate. Unfortunately you can no longer get this deal (there were only three cases left when I ordered a couple of days ago and I checked back just a few minutes later and the other two were already snatched up). You can, however, keep track of Amazon’s deals yourself, which is where I purchased these pencils, by checking out the little treasure box on the top of the Amazon home page that says “Today’s Deals”. You never know what you may find there! Now anyone know where to get some equally as inexpensive pencil sharpeners or paper…


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