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Donate to Haiti Earthquake Relief Without Spending a Dime January 15, 2010

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By now we’ve all heard about the tragic earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12th. The people of Haiti desparately need our help. If money is tight for you right now you may be feeling helpless about the situation. The good news is the internet search engine Swagbucks is now letting people donate their Swag Bucks that they earn to the Haiti Swagbucks Earthquake Relief Fund. They will take your virtual money and turn it into a real donation that will be sent to the American Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, and If you have not joined Swagbucks yet this is the perfect time to. You can give as little as 1 Swag Buck which doesn’t take long at all to earn. For more information on Swagbucks read my blog entry here. For more information on their Relief Fund read their blog here. Remember every little bit helps and all that this will cost you is a few minutes of your time. I donated all of the Swag Bucks I had currently in my account. It wasn’t a huge amount but Haiti needs it more than I need another Amazon gift card.

UPDATE: If you participate in the MyPoints program you can use your points to make a cash donation to the American Red Cross. I just donated what points I could. I do not see where it says how much each donation of points is worth, but MyPoints has never let me down with my rewards so I’m sure the donation, no matter the size, will make it to the American Red Cross. To use your points to help the American Red Cross help others go to your MyPoints account click on “Rewards” and click on the “Charitable Donations” link.


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  1. Deal Queen Says:

    Stop by my blog and link in!

    Thank you for donating your swagbucks

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