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First Rite Aid Run of the Year January 15, 2010

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I haven’t done any Rite Aid shopping since before Christmas. Today I had a bit of free time so I decided to check out whether they had any Christmas items left of clearance. There was plenty of wrapping paper and some decorative items left at 75% off. I wasn’t interested in the decorative items they had left but did pick up some wrapping paper. I would have purchased more but I was walking and didn’t want to buy more than I could comfortably carry. I also had my $20.00 Gift of Savings certificate to use that I earned before the holidays so I picked up some other items as well including a dice game and some cold/flu medication that will be sent in a care package to a deployed solider and some hair clips to keep on hand for the days the little girl I babysit has static hair issues (which is pretty much every day lately thanks to the dry, cold, weather).

Today’s transaction looked like this:

Christmas Wrapping Paper x 4 reg. 1.99 ea   $0.49 ea

Contac Cold Flu Day and Night 28 Count reg. 8.49   $4.99


Star Wars Clone Wars Valentines w/Poster reg. 2.99   $2.00

Spiderman Tattoo Cards w/Lollipops reg. 2.99   $1.99

Scunnci Little Girl Hair Clips  $3.49

Aquaphor Ointment   $5.99 (should have waited on this until next week it will be 25% off)

-2.00 MFQ found on the box of Contac

-20.00 GOS

Subtotal 3.41

Tax 0.00

= 3.41 OOP

I will receive $4.99 back in the form of a SCR for the Contac making this a money-maker of  $1.58!

Regular price for these items would have been $36.90 (before tax) making for a savings or more than $38.00.

I could have worked things differently to get more money back in SCRs, but because of my goal this year to not to buy things I don’t really need or have a plan for, I decided I would forget maximizing the deal and be happy just to get a good deal on items I got.

p.s. Rumor has it the gift wrap will be reduced to 90% off on Jan. 17th so I may return to Rite Aid then and pick up a few more rolls.

p.p.s. I also got two pieces for Rite Aid’s Game of Life. I haven’t looked at them yet. From what I understand this works similarly to McDonald’s Monopoly game. If I win anything I’ll be sure to update this post with my winnings!


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