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Sunday Deals January 18, 2010

Filed under: Barnes & Noble,Rite Aid,Second Hand Shopping — Kimberly @ 12:16 AM

Quick rundown of today’s deals (time for me to get to bed soon).

Barnes & Noble had an additonal 50% off some of their already marked down (bargain) books. This is a Mother’s Day gift that I paid only $9.99 plus tax for. The price printed on the back of the book says $55.00 (for some reason the sticker says it was a $75.00 book originally but I do believe it was a mistake). This book currently sells on Amazon for $50.62! Please excuse the glare of the flash the book is shrinkwrapped.

At Goodwill I picked up a few items for my youngest son. I was a bit disappointed with their selection today, but what can you do, those stores are hit and miss. I bought LL Bean cords, Lee jeans, an Old Navy hoody, and a new Faded Glory camo long-sleeved tee for 1.99 each.

And last, but not least, I returned to Rite Aid to get more gift wrap, now at 90% off. I only have a photo of the receipt right now as the gift wrap is still in the back of the truck which is currently backed up to a snow bank. I may add a photo once I retrieve it. I paid less for 5 rolls of wrapping paper than it originally cost for 1 roll! The cashier was amazed at the price and couldn’t stop shaking her head laughing as she rang me up. I really wanted to buy up the rest of the stock but decided to share it with others (good thing too because my mother said she was there later in the day and bought some too).

P.S. A couple of tips I was too tired to think of last night while I was writing this:

 If you go to your local B&N look for the books with the giant red dot stickers on them. Those are the ones that are an extra 50% off. Christmas wrap, Christmas cards, and 2010 calendars are also 50% off.

If you visit your local Rite Aid and the holiday items still are marked at 75% off don’t believe the signs. They should ring up to 90% off regardless of what the signs say. My store still has 75%  off signs up. If you’re not sure ask for a price check on one of the items before you make your purchase.


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