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JCP Additional 50% Off Clearance Items January 25, 2010

Filed under: JCPenney — Kimberly @ 12:05 AM

I went to JCP (JCPenney) today looking for snow pants for my eldest son because he lost his at an away basketball game the other week. Unfortunately they had only two pairs of boys’ snow pants left in the entire store, neither of which were in his size. I had to resort to buying a pair at Olympia Sports that were only discounted by $5.00 so they still ended up being $30.00. I hated to fork over that much money for snow pants this time of year, but he really needed them, and I had already searched for several days online for some in his size without much luck. Anyway back to JCP, since I’ve read on other blogs about the great deals people have been getting on JCP clearance items lately I gave a quick look through the clearance racks in the boys’ section. I really would have liked to have pursued the rest of the store as well, but I had a husband and sick child waiting in the parking lot for me. There were quite a few boys’ winter coats, several pairs of hat and gloves sets, a small number of pajamas and robes,  several hoodies, tons of shirts, and many jeans (in limited sizes), all items were marked way down at a savings of 75% or more thanks to their current 50% off all clearance items promo.  There was also a table full of $1.99 infant and toddler clothes that was already pretty well picked over. I didn’t find many must-have bargains for my boys this time but I did pick up a South Pole baseball jacket for $9.99 (reg. $54.00) for the upcoming spring or fall, an Arizona sweater for $4.99 (reg. $26.99), and a Ground Level hoodie for $8.99 (reg. $39.99) for a total OOP of $23.97. My savings was $97.01.  Thank goodness for clearance and sales because I could not imagine paying $120.98 for just the three items that I purchased! In fact I’m not sure why anyone would pay retail prices for anything when they can shop sales, clearance, and thrift… but I digress! Have you picked up any great clearance items at JCP recently?


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