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Kohl’s Online Clearance 50-80% Off Plus January 25, 2010

Filed under: Online Deals — Kimberly @ 12:32 PM

Use code NEW3015  for an additional 10% off and FREEJAN for free shipping at to get a great deal on some clearance items. I’m not sure how long these codes are good for, or how long the clearance will last, so shop as soon as you can!

Edit: Just got around to checking out the clearance myself and found some Christmas decor items marked way down! I placed an order for some items for next year including a personalized snow globe for one of my nephews and an item to go in the Yankee Swap my mom’s side of the family does each Christmas. Total for 7 items was $16.03. Before sale prices it would have been $178.01 (including sales tax)!  I saved $161.98!  Unfortunately the two items I really wanted the most sold out during check out so if you are interested in taken advantage of this deal things are going fast!

Monogram Snow Globe   $0.90   (reg. 9.99)

Bell Door Hanger   $1.35    (reg. 14.99)

Bell Cluster   $1.80    (reg. 19.99)

Pinecone Cluster Door Hanger   $1.80    (reg. 19.99)

Happy Holidays Metal Wall Decor   $3.15    (reg. 34.99)

Snowman Love Figurine    $1.62    (reg. 17.99)

Faux-Leather Tree Skirt    $4.50    (reg. 49.99)

Subtotal:   $16.80
Percent Off (10.0%)    $1.68
Shipping (Free, excluding surcharge):    $0.00
Tax:   $0.91
Total:   $16.03

I placed a second order for a  holiday “Welcome” sign for my brother and SIL’s new mud room. Regular price 29.99 price after 10% discount, free shipping, and tax; $2.86 OOP! Savings for that order (adding in sales tax) = $28.93!

Now that I’m just about out of my “mad money” I had from Christmas and Birthday gifts given to me last year the posts may be slowing down a bit (I’ll still tell you when I hear of amazing deals, I just may not be participating in them unless it fulfills a need for something I am already actively in the market for). It’s been fun seeing just how far I could stretch it!  I was able to use it for things we needed. things I wanted, things I will be donating, and things that will be given as gifts to others in the future without feeling like I was wasting it on just a few items. I feel very blessed that I was able to use gifts given to me in this way (and even a bit more like a responsible *gulp* adult)!


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