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Thoughts on Grocery Shopping January 25, 2010

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If you have noticed a lack of grocery store savings posts on this blog you are not alone. I’ve noticed too. I do try to save money on groceries. I clip coupons and match them to the sales. I just can’t seem to do as well as many of the other people who keep money-saving blogs though. I have a much better knack at finding deals on clothing, gifts, and drugstore items. I’m happy when I keep the groceries under $100 for the week, which really isn’t that amazing. I’m it total awe of those that only spend $30 or $40 a week to feed their families! I think they may have better stores in their area than I do, or maybe more options? I do believe that the other girls who share this blog with me are better grocery shoppers than I am. Unfortunately they don’t blog very often. My lifestyle seems to afford me more free time for blogging than theirs’ do. I’m going to try to make an effort in the upcoming weeks to start posting some of the good grocery deals I do find. Even if my OOP is more than I’d like it to be, sometimes I am able to score free, or close to free items, and I will try to start giving those more attention for readers who want to learn how to save on groceries because every little big can help. And maybe, just maybe, this post will encourage the other three girls to come out of hiding and start blogging more (hopefully they’re here reading, even if they aren’t writing, and will see this)!


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