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The Resolution to Online Shopping Gone “Bad” January 26, 2010

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After a couple of more emails back and forth with Kmart about the situation mentioned here Kmart and I finally reached a resolution. They have credited me $6.95 which is the shipping fee from the entire order, not just the $0.59 which was the cost of the incomplete glove and mitten set. I did not ask for this refund. I did express to them my dissatisfaction with them and told them that I didn’t find them to be trustworthy or reliable and I did say I would like an immediate refund of $0.59 or an immediate shipment of a complete set. I told them this after receiving an email from them that called me by the incorrect  name (it wasn’t even close to my name), appeared to me like they were blaming UPS for the missing gloves, and telling me that if I wanted a replacement that I would have to order a new set. They said they would only be able to refund my $0.59 if the UPS investigation doesn’t turn up anything, which I think is a very likely outcome considering the box appeared to be unaltered (plus there is infamous packing slip that in my opinion pretty much points to the Kmart shipping department), and I’d only get the missing gloves if  UPS found them. That email pretty much put a bad taste in my mouth and let’s just say my next one to them I didn’t hold back on telling them (kindly but sternly) what I thought about that. The refund was the result of that. They also issued an apology which actually seemed sincere, and not just like their prior scripted ones, which is really what I was looking for in the first place. In Kmart’s defense, in the last email when they issued the refund, they did say that the UPS investigation was routine and that they were not blaming UPS as it appeared. Perhaps that is true but the email really did read like they were trying to rid themselves of any responsibility and possibility that they were at fault. I do have to also say that Kmart did reply to each email very quickly which is appreciated. There was no waiting hours or days like there is sometimes with other companies. So overall it worked out in the end. You may wonder if such a small amount of money was worth it. I don’t know. But I do know if it helps keep their shipping department in check it was worth it. Nobody likes to be taken advantage of (intentionally or not). I made sure to send them one last email thanking them for working with me to make things right,  for taking the time to explain their position on it, and for so promptly replying to me and telling them my faith in them was restored.

Kmart also just sent me a $0.63 refund for the missing gloves (I just checked my email in the process of writing this post and had another email from them and from PayPal stating I had received the refund). I wonder if this means the UPS investigation is over already? This was unexpected as I thought the shipping refund was going to be it.

Anyway the point of all of this? Don’t be afraid to point out a company’s mistake to them if you receive an incorrect order and request that they make it right. They will almost always work with you to make amends even if you have to get a little bit stern about it to get somewhere. Also be sure to treat them with respect and you’ll probably get the same in return (even when I was giving them a piece of my mind I didn’t resort to name calling or rudeness), and if a customer service rep does something you appreciate tell him, or her. I’m sure it’s not easy getting complaining emails and phone calls all day long! You might pleasantly surprised where it all leads to (like 16 pairs of gloves and mittens for $5.56).


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