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When Online Shopping Goes “Bad”… January 26, 2010

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Remember all of the gloves/mittens sets I ordered from Sears mentioned in this post? Well 16 out of 17 pairs arrived today (18 out of 19 if you count the two pairs that are layered and can be used as one layer or two as two pairs). One of the 2 packs that was supposed to include mittens and gloves was missing the pair of gloves. Instead of being on the cardboard packaged together as it should have been I just got a loose pair of mittens. There was also an indication on the packing slip that they knew about this and sent it along anyway without any sort of explanation. Now I know that sometimes things get overlooked or sometimes things run out of stock but shame on Kmart (I ordered on but the order was actually fulfilled by Kmart) for trying to pull something over on a customer. I’ve emailed customer service and am awaitng a reply. I know that these items were extremely inexpensive so it’s not the money that is the issue. The problem is when I’m dealing with companies I want to be able to trust them to be honest with me. If they could not properly fulfill that part of my order all they had to do was cancel it and refund the $0.59, not send me a partial set in its place and hope that I wouldn’t care or notice. Hopefully they will make it right once they receive my email. I have had shipments that were incomplete or damaged from other companies before (and probably will again if I keep ordering online frequently) and they have always made it right so I’m expecting  Sears/Kmart will do the same. This is the first time, however, that I’ve ordered something and there was an indication that they knew of the problem prior to shipment and went ahead with it anyway.

Here’s a (bad) photo of the entire shipment (several were 2 packs, the patterned ones w/stripes were single pairs and even those were attached together with cardboard hang tags) :

A photo of  a complete set and the incomplete set of the exact same thing (note no cardboard packaging or hang tag at all on the incomplete one):

And finally a photo showing that they clearly knew something was amiss before they shipped the order:

Edit: They replied quickly, I will give them that. It appears that I’m going to have to work for a resolution though! Here’s what they emailed back:

“Thank you for contacting regarding the missing items from your order. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please accept our apologies for the situation you are experiencing with your shipment. We would like to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. To better assist you in this matter, we request that you answer a few questions:

 1. Were there any holes, dents or tears in the box?

2. Were all of the flaps taped securely?

3. Was the packing tape altered or damaged in any way?

4. Was any of the internal packing material damaged?

5. Was a pack slip included in the box? If so, what items and item numbers are listed on the

pack slip?

6. Are there stamps or markings on the pack slip indicating that some items have not yet


We appreciate your cooperation answering these questions. The information you are able to provide will help expedite a resolution. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Kmart.”

I had already told them some of this info already but I answered each question and also sent them the photos of the packing slip and incomplete pair that I posted here. I hope that will be good enough. Usually when I’ve had problems with orders the companies issue and apology and refund or new item after my first email to them, no questions asked (although I can’t blame a company for looking out for themselves, probably more should). I just find it slightly amusing (as in an incredulous not ha-ha way) that the one time I have to do this is when the item is hardly worth the effort!  Let me tell you typing out all the item numbers and product descriptions out was not all that much fun so I really hope it was not for naught! I’ll keep you posted!


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