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Price Chopper This Week February 1, 2010

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So grocery shopping didn’t go as well as hoped this week. I planned the list while being distracted by a child with a stomach bug for one. For two, Price Chopper made a couple of mistakes and did not ring up all the coupons correctly (including not ringing up a coupon from their own flier that was supposed to double my $2 off coupon for Swiffer refills), and I was not actually at the grocery store myself to catch these mistakes. They were not noticed until my husband was home with the receipt in hand. Thirdly, I gave up on printing out internet coupons other than the $7.50 off any purchase of $75.00 or more that Price Chopper had available late last week (it expired yesterday) because I was running out of time to get the list done as my husband had to go to work after shopping. I only had a small amount of coupons that I used this week as a result.  Lastly, I was just feeling rather put out by the whole thing this week. Total spent this week was $96.57. Total saved was $65.01.

Some highlights this week at Price Chopper:

Spend $30.00 on qualifying Kraft products and receive $10.00 of your next trip (unfortunately I didn’t qualify for that). I did, however, get $2.00 off my next trip from purchasing a Glade item.

Your Price Chopper flier should have two coupons on the wrap-around good for doubling any coupon up to a $3 value. Inside the insert there is a coupon to double the value, up to a certain amount, for a Colgate brand coupon. Hopefully they actually remember to ring your coupons up if you use them!

Oscar Mayer beef franks are BOGO free this week

Kraft Mac and Cheese is 10/$10.00

Yoplait Yogurt is 10/$5.00

Nutrigrain Bars are 2/$5.00

Hunt’s Pudding 4 packs are $1.00 each.

Boxes of Capri Sun juice pouches are $2.00 each.

Quaker Oat Squares are $2/500 (also Mini Delights and I think one other Quaker product).

If only I had had the time to find coupons for these things too!

There were several other deals listed in the flier this week but those were a few of my favorites based on what my family likes.

YMMV on these deals as these are deals I got after the few coupons I did have to use:

Free Stacy’s Pita Chips after coupon. The Q they mailed me was from an online offer they had (I think through All You magazine).

$0.74 Glade Sence and Spray Starter Kit (they are on sale for 1/2 off this week) and I had a $4.00 MFQ  from the paper (not sure which insert or which week it was from).

I had a coupon for a FREE roll of Marcel Small Steps paper towels from the inserts but they didn’t have any single rolls. I forgot to specify for my husband that it was also good for a single box of tissues or toilet paper so he brought back the coupon. 

There are other deals to be had too w/coupon matches from this weeks Red Plum and Smart Source but several were things I didn’t need, and like I said above I was also distracted and on a time limit, so I very well may have missed some good ones.

I hope you saved big on your groceries this week! If you know of any fabulous Price Chopper deals for this week that you want to share please leave us a comment!


3 Responses to “Price Chopper This Week”

  1. Don’t stress yourself out for having a busy week and a lack of time/energy to deal with the sales.
    You’ve made up for it by catching great deals in the past and you’ll make up for it in the future.

  2. Well I have never heard of Price Chopper, so i dont have any deals. But i did want to stop by and check out your cute site! With coupons you win some and loose some. At least you still have your coupons, mine were lost yesterday 😦 So sad!!

  3. kimberlyna Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Noelle! I hope you’ll stop by and visit again!

    Savings Addidction I’m not sure, but I think Price Chopper is just located on the east coast, maybe even just the northeast. So sorry to hear about your coupon loss! That would be horrible! Hopefully you have some friends and family willing to share their extras to help build up your coupon stash again!

    Happy deal hunting to you both!

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