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Price Chopper This Time With A Photo February 28, 2010

Filed under: Price Chopper — Kimberly @ 6:10 PM

I do wish I had more choices when it came to grocery shopping, but since I am limited to Price Chopper (we do have a Hannaford nearby too but I’ve just never learned to like that store), I’ve settled with being content with keeping our groceries for the week under $100.00 (for a family of four and two cats).  This weeks OOP: $98.97. Total Savings this week: $68.23.

The deals to make note of (keep in mind my PC doubles most $ off Qs so as long as the value after doubling = $2.00 or less..for example a $1.00 off Q and a $1.50 off Q will both take off $2.00; a $0.50 Q will take off $1.00) :

Air Wick scented oil warmer and refill both Free after Q (Price Chopper “bounce back” Q from last week)

Glade Relaxing Moments Air Freshener on sale for 2.00 -1.00 Q doubled= Free after Q (this week’s Smart Source)

Small Steps Single Paper Towel Roll Free after Q (from newspaper insert, not sure which week or which insert)

Knorr Sides 1.00 each – 1.00/3 Q  doubled (from newspaper insert, not sure which week or which insert)= $1.00/3

Baked Lay Chips on sale for 3.00-1.00 Q doubled (from newspaper insert, not sure which week or which insert) = $1.00

Kashi Cereal Free after Q (came in the mail w/free sample of Kashi cereal)

Kashi Cereal on sale for 3.00 – 1.50 Q  (came in the mail w/free sample) = $1.50

3 Activia 4 packs 2.00 each – 1.00Q x3 (from various inserts) = $1.00 ea

10 lb bag of potatoes $2.98

Apple and Eve Juice on sale for 2/$3.00

It is really difficult to see everything in the photo. Besides what is listed above we also got cheese slices, ham steaks, ground beef, milk, grapes, bananas, Glade candles, toilet paper, elbows, ziti, Ocean Spray Fruit & Veggie Juice, Ocean Spray Blueberry Pomegranate Juice, Pop tarts (2 boxes for us, 1 is being sent to a deployed friend), Deli Select turkey slices, Deli Select ham slices, 3 boxes of chicken cordon bleu, vanilla icecream, Klondike bars (not on the list dh added those), Cosmic Brownies (not on the list son added those), an extra Airwick oil warmer (mis-communication, both dh and son picked up one and nobody noticed).


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