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Rite Aid: Could Have Done Better February 28, 2010

Filed under: Rite Aid — Kimberly @ 5:46 PM

Don’t you hate it when you forget an important coupon? I do! This transaction could have cost me a total of $0.60 after SCRs if I remembered my $3 off a purchase of $12 or more that Rite Aid emailed me the other day. Instead this is how it ended up:

Snickers reg. 0.88 ea (x3)   $0.50 ea

Satin Care Shave Gel reg. 3.49   $1.99

Listerine PocketPak 72 ct reg. 4.59   $3.99

Blistex (x2) reg. 1.99 ea   $0.99ea

Luden Wild Cherry Drops reg. 2.29   $0.99

Halls Drops (x2) reg. 1.99 ea   $0.99 ea

– 0.25 Luden Q (from RA GOL)

-1.00/2 Halls Q

-1.00/2 Blistex Q

-1.00/3 Snickers Q

-1.00 Listerine PocketPak Q

-1.00 Satin Care Shave Gel

Total paid OOP= $7.60.

I will get back in SCRs $4.00 (3.00 for the Listerine and 1.00 for the Shave Gel) making the total for this transaction $3.60 after rebates. Not too shabby! I saved over $13.00. I just really would have loved it if I had remembered that other coupon! Oh well. You win some and you lose some. Luckily the coupon doesn’t expire for a while so I can use it in a future transaction. Maybe it will turn out to be one of those blessings in disguise!

ETA: Apparently there is a RA rebate for J&J products currently available. Buy $50.00 worth of qualifying products and get $25.00 back. The Luden drops counted as $0.99 towards this rebate. I will have until 3/27 to qualify for the rebate. Not sure if I will go for it or not. I’ll have to see what deals I can work out. If I can spend $25 or less (so I break even or make a profit) I’ll go for it. Otherwise, unless we need the products anyway, it won’t be worth it to me to invest the money into it.

ETA on 3/7 Apparently I couldn’t have done better after all. The Q was actually a $3 off $15, not $3 off $12 like I thought. I must have gotten mixed up thinking the $12 because $3 off $15 is $12. It took me until today, 3/7, when I went to print out the Q to use this week to realize that. Whoops!


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