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A Little Discouraged March 7, 2010

Filed under: Rite Aid — Kimberly @ 4:48 PM

Rite Aid has a lot going on this week. There are SCRs, free after Q products, BOGOs, a P&G rebate, and J&J rebate…it’s a bit overwhelming to me to be honest with you. I decideded to forego worrying about the rebates (with the exception of the SCRs) and just focus on getting a good deal without them. I made a great plan. Purchase two Cover Girl products (I had a BOGO coupon and they are BOGO this week making both items free according to the Rite Aid coupon policy), 2 Gillette deos (had a $4/2 Q and they are on sale for 2/$8) and 2 Gillette Body Washes (had 2 Qs for a free Gillette body wash with purchase of a deo). Plus I  had my $3/$15 from my email that I forgot to use last week. The deos also qualify for a $2 SCR. With my calculations I figured after rebate I should only have to pay pennies for six items!

So you know where I’m headed with this right? My plan did not work. Right off the bat I was told that I had to buy four Cover Girl products to use my coupon. Which A. is not the corporate policy and B. doesn’t even make any sense. I didn’t argue though. I didn’t print out and carry a copy of the policy with me and I don’t have corporate on speed dial like I’ve heard some people do so I wasn’t prepared to call them and have them set the store straight for me. I also want to fly under the radar. I don’t want to be one of those people they see coming and roll their eyes over. I’m careful not to be pushy or make too many transactions (usually I only make one a week) so I figured it would just be easier to let it slide. Even without the Cover Girl I should still be able to get the deos and body washes for $0.06 after rebate which is pretty darn good. Rite Aid, however, rang me up incorrectly. Instead of giving me both body washes for free, as they should have, they gave me one body wash for free and one deo for free making my total $1.29 more than it should have been. After rebate I now will have paid $1.23, not $0.06. I did think the total sounded high when I was handing my money over but I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best at math so I figured I probably made a mistake and didn’t take the time to examine everything as I should have. As it was I had the cashier ringing up the purchase while the shift manager was filling in prices for the free items on the Qs and telling the cashier what to deduct and in what order to put the Qs through so I was feeling a bit like I was sticking out too much already. The cashier even said “Wow, you really like coupons!”, which I could have just smiled and taken as a compliment but I was left feeling uncomfortable by it and fumbling for an excuse. Due to all of this I didn’t discover the real reason for the difference in my calculations and what I paid until I looked at my receipt on the way home. I guess the lesson of today is be prepared to “fight” for your deals when you know you are right and if you don’t think something is right speak up or check, or be prepared to settle with what they feel like giving you. I don’t do either of those things well, instead I just get disgruntled and feeling like I shouldn’t even bother trying. I wish I could stick up for myself in person like I can in an email or over the phone. For some reason in person I just tend to lose my voice.

So getting to the point this is what ended up happening:

Gillette Sensitive Body Wash $5.29 (x2)

Gillette Gel Deo reg. 5.49 ea  on sale for 2/$8.00

– $3.00 off $15 Rite Aid Q

– $5.29 free bw when you purchase deo Q

-$4.00 off 2 deos Q

-$4.00 free bw when you purchase deo Q

 Subtotal 2.29

Tax .94

Total OOP $3.23

I’ll receive $2 back in SCR for the deo. Making the total after rebate $1.23.

I hope you had better luck with your Rite Aid transaction(s) this week. I hope your store knew how to follow all of the corporate rules, and if not, I hope you found it in you to speak up and make it right for yourself. On the bright side I did still manage to save over $21.00 after sale prices, Qs, and the rebate.


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