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Consignment Store Finds April 2, 2010

Filed under: Second Hand Shopping — Kimberly @ 12:42 PM

The weather is getting warmer and that means sweaters are being tucked away (although not too far away this is New England and just the beginning of April after all) and the short sleeves and capris are coming out. Looking at my spring wardrobe I decided most of the pieces are entirely too old, too worn, and too dowdy. And my children can always use new clothes because they grow like weeds! I went to the local consignment store today to see if I could find anything decent for spring and summer. It’s a small store in a small town so it can be very hit and miss and designer brands are far and few between but if you don’t care about the label you can still find some okay clothes. While there I picked up a Gap button down shirt for my youngest son (in perfect colors for Easter), a Point Aero shirt for my oldest son, and for me tops by Allison Taylor (kind of fall-ish colors but I liked it anyway), Woolrich, and Crazy Horse. I had a  denim Gap top and a pretty Old Navy top that I was carrying around and put back. I’m kind of wishing I had bought them. If they hadn’t fit me they would have fit my mother (no returns at this store). I also purchased Gloria Vanderbilt capris, and Faded Glory pants. I don’t know how much each item cost because they remove the tags and rarely give you your receipt, but I believe all items were between $2 and $3. My total for everything pictured below was $23.00.


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