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OOP $2.84 Will Get Back $3.49 April 24, 2010

Filed under: Rite Aid — Kimberly @ 3:22 PM

Made a quick trip to Rite Aid today to pick up some essentials and try out my new Wellness + Savings card (for more info on their new Wellness program check out or see your local store for info). I used my SCR check from last month of $7.00 towards my purchase and my transaction looked like this:

Prescription   $3.00

Rite Aid Brand IB Tablets 24 ct  reg. 3.49   $3.14 (after Wellness discount)

U Kotex 16 ct reg. 4.49   $3.49 (sale price)

Total 9.84 – 7.00 rebate check = $2.84 OOP. I will get back $3.49 for the U Kotex (last day for this rebate is today).  Total for everything after SCR= +0.65.  I am very pleased considering I didn’t use even one coupon for this transaction. I think there are printable $1 off U Kotex Qs floating around out there, and I know some people got them in last week’s paper (I did not), that would have made it a slightly higher profit for me if I wanted to track one down but sometimes I just prefer to keep it simple.


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