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So Far In the Mailbox This Week… April 27, 2010

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It’s only Tuesday and so far I’ve received in the mail a $6.99 rebate check (from Organix), a $7.99 rebate check (from P&G Quench for Clunkers), a coupon for a free package of YoPlus yogurt (snagged it through Mommy Snacks blog), a $1.00 UKotex coupon (from Rite Aid), a coupon for free hair color (I think it was Natural Instincts, I’m not positive though I passed it on to my mother, from a Facebook offer) and a $10 Old Navy gift card (earned through MyPoints). Not too shabby! I hope the rest of the week brings some more (free) goodies, and not just bills! Have you received any fun freebies in the mail recently?

Wed. mail: Aveeno Nourish and Shine shampoo and conditioner sample with $1 off Q. I think this was from an offer that they emailed me but I can’t remember for sure. I’ve seen a few different Aveeno sample offers recently. If you go to their site you can sign up for your own sample here.

Thursday’s mail brought the things in this photo:

The Bakugan I ordered from Amazon with a $5 gift card I got from Swagbucks making it completely free (I have Amazon Prime so most of the items I order from them ship for free).  The Pantene shampoo and conditioner, Cascade, Iams, and Prilosec samples all came from P&G’s sampler as well as coupons for Iams cat food and Pantene.

Friday: The mail was void of freebies, but the UPS man did deliver an advance readers copy of The Handbook For Lightning Strike Survivors  by Michele Young-Stone, compliments of Random House’s Read It Forward program. It took several months after I started signing up each month to request a book to actually receive one (it’s while supplies last), but since it only takes a minute of my time each month I kept trying. Now that I’ve finally received a book and know that it’s a real offer, I recommend you try it!  I will probably continue signing up each time I see a book offered that interests me. I only wish there were a similar offer for books for children and young adults beause as much as I love to read I can never seem to keep up with my ever-growing pile of books!

Saturday: Today is the last mail day of the week and today’s freebie is this tote bag from Bags on the Run (Facebook giveaway, no longer available as they went very fast and had a limited number available, but check out their site to buy your own bag):

I would say this week was a very successful mail week. They don’t always end up like this! In fact often I’ll go several weeks without very many surprises in the mail.  Keep in mind when you sign up for things like those above some offers never come. Some you’ll forget about and may show up WEEKS later and wonder where they came from. Some you’ll wonder why you ever signed up for in the first place when they do arrive (it’s best to only sign up for things that you know you, or someone you know, will use otherwise it’s just junk and clutter to you). And others, like they rebates (who doesn’t like money), you’ll be excited over. Just remember to always be careful about what personal information you give out to whom, and that if something seems too good to be true it probably is. If you keep those things in mind you should be able to become a successful “freebie hunter” in no time.


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