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I Spent Money at Rite Aid May 7, 2010

Filed under: Rite Aid — Kimberly @ 12:16 PM

I know a lot of people are going crazy at RA this week. Getting SUPER DUPER deals. Well, sadly, I’m not one of them. I did not get the BOGO Cover Girl Q’s (and my store won’t honor them w/a BOGO sale anyway), I did not get the $4 Nivea Q, my RA does not carry the 20 ct Motrin so the free Motrin was a no go for me, nor do they carry the small Halle perfume so I couldn’t do that deal, they also apparently don’t carry Physician’s Formula makeup so no BOGO sale combined with the $5 peelies that I had heard rumors about. I wasn’t interested in buying more deodorant or Gillette body washes or more razors (besides I think I can get a better deal next week on those). I didn’t print out and bring any $5 off $20 or $5 off $25 Qs because I didn’t plan on needing them (I was wrong because of an impulse buy). So what’s a girl to do? Well this girl had to suck it up and actually fork over a decent amount of money! A couple of years ago I would have considered what I did a great deal, but not so much now. Still some savings is better than none and I can throw out my very old, probably nasty, makeup and replace it with some fresh stuff (I rarely wear make up but the mirror lately has been telling me that maybe I should reconsider). Anyway enough rambling. Here’s the transaction:

Motts Apple Juice reg. 3.49   $3.14 (with Wellness discount) the price seems ridiculous to me but my kids have been out of juice for days

Kotex Light Days reg. 1.59   $.99 (with Wellness discount)

Cover Girl TruBlend Microminerals Foundation Base  $12.99

Cover Girl TruBlend Microminerals Finishing Veil reg. 12.99   $0.00

Cover Girl VolumeExact Mascara   $8.19

Cover Girl Clean Sensitive Skin Foundation reg. 6.99   $0.00

– 1.00  Kotex Q

-1.00 CG Q

Total OOP $24.65

Not sure if the CG will apply for any PG rebates or deals or not. They have had many going on lately so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to do something with the CG to make the high OOP less of a blow!


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