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Saturday Savings May 15, 2010

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Today we did a little bit of garage sale shopping. I got 4 shirts for you youngest son (Gap, Old Navy TCP,  and Kid’s Headquarters). The shirts were $0.25 a piece.

At the second garage sale I picked up a paperback book and two picture frames that were all $0.25 a piece. My husband also got a Medicus. For you non-golfers like me, it’s basically a special club to practice your swing with. They gave it to him for free when he asked about it (they did have it in a golf bag that they were selling but he didn’t want the bag). I didn’t get the Medicus in the photo. I’m not sure where he put it when we got home.

At the last garage sale we bought a sofa, a matching chair, two wicker chairs, a wicker table, a coffee table, an end table, and a set of four t.v. trays for under $260. The furniture was all under 10 years old (the gentleman still has the paperwork that came with it) and in excellent shape (with the exception of the end table and the t.v. trays there was a bit of obvious wear to those). I don’t have photos of the furniture. We need to go back with our truck tomorrow to pick it up.

Lastly we went to the mall because we need to get my oldest son some items for an upcoming camping trip. When we were there I ran into Joann Fabric and saw the Easter items were 90% off. I bought five sets of mini Easter ornaments for $0.49 each. I also picked up a package of Noah’s Ark stickers that were 70% off for my sponsor child, those were $0.59. The last item I bought was a Portable Water Basin that was on clearance for $0.97 from $6.99. My total for everything was $4.25 (less than the original price of one set of ornaments). My receipt says I saved $23.90 but it was actually more than that because it doesn’t list the pre-clearance price for the water basin.

Not too bad for a few hours of shopping!


One Response to “Saturday Savings”

  1. Love garage sales! Happy Super Savings Saturday! 🙂

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