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Rite Aid Sun Block May 23, 2010

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I went to Rite Aid today to stock up on sun block. They had a few different offers going on including BOGO free Hawaiian Tropic and Banana Boat, and buy any Coppertone $9.99 or more and get a Coppertone stick free. I was hoping to do the Hawaiian Tropic and the Coppertone both.  There were signs all over my Rite Aid for the Coppertone deal, yet my store had none of the sticks in stock. When I left they were discussing whether to remove all the signs they had put up this morning since nobody there seemed to know why they didn’t have any or when they might get some. I didn’t ask for a raincheck because they seemed pretty clueless about the whole thing, and I needed something to be able to use my $5 off $25 Q so I ended up doing both Hawaiian Tropic BOGO and Banana Boat BOGO instead. The Olay moisturizer I bought should have finished qualifying me for the $30 in P&G coupon booklet with purchase of $30 in select P&G products but I forgot about my Wellness discount so I am still $o.28 short of qualifying for the booklet. Here’s the breakdown:

Olay All Day Ultra Violet Moisturizer reg. 9.49   $8.54 (after Wellness discount)

Hershey Kit Kat reg. 0.88   $0.79 (after Wellness discount, not pictured in photo)

Schweppes Ginger Ale reg. 1.59   $1.48 (after Wellness discount and deposit, not pictured in photo)

Banana Boat SPF 50   $11.49

Banana Boat SPF 30 reg. 10.49   $0.00

Hawaiian Tropic SPF 30   $10.49

Hawaiian Tropic SPF 30 for face reg. 9.29   $0.00

– $5/$25 Q (from Rite Aid’s Video Values see their website for more info)

-1.00 Printable HT Q (from their website)

-1.00 Olay Q (from past P&G insert)

– 1.00 off any $10 seasonal Rite Aid purchase  (Q printed on receipt from past RA purchase)

My total was $26.27. I used a $5.49 SCR check towards my purchase making my total OOP $20.78. According to my receipt my savings was $28.78 (20.78 in Wellness+ savings and 8.00 in Qs). So even though I spent quite a bit OOP this week I saved well over 50%.


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