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Still lovin’ Goodwill June 26, 2010

Filed under: Second Hand Shopping — Kimberly @ 9:37 PM

I must apologize. I know this blog has been lacking in recent weeks in several areas. I just haven’t been into the usual drugstore deals, online deals, freebies, and grocery deals for several different reasons. I guess it doesn’t make for a very well-rounded blog, but sometimes you just need a break from things. Rest assured if I get back into the groove I will start posting those things again but I can’t say when that will be (and since 3/4 of the blog contributors are MIA on a consistent basis I can’t take all of the blame can I??).

Onto what I have been into lately…garage sales and Goodwill. We went to a few garage sales today but the weather wasn’t very cooperative and I didn’t buy one thing at the few we went to. Since we were in the area anyway my husband and children graciously awaited for me in the car as I tried to scour two Goodwill stores  in record time (ended up skipping over several sections and it still took me longer than I would have liked). The first one we stopped in I bought nothing. This one I don’t seem to have much luck with so far, but it was only my third time going there. The second one I went to I had better luck at. I purchased a boy’s Osh Kosh hoodie, a boy’s treehouse tee, a boy’s long-sleeved Carhartt tee, a Woman’s Old Navy jacket, a Liz Claiborne wallet (no tags on it but I don’t think it was ever used), a Steve Madden handbag, and a cute leather wallet for a total of $21.49. The Liz Claiborne wallet alone retails for $20.00 (went to Marshall’s in between Goodwills to look around and they had bunches of Liz Claiborne and Steven Maden for much more than my Goodwill prices I paid) which just gives you an idea of how much you can potentially save. I may return the Old Navy jacket if I can get back there before their 7 day return policy is up. Even though I try to carefully look over everything I buy I missed the fact that the jacket is missing the two bottom buttons, which is too bad because I thought it was really cute. If I return it I will get $4.99 back. 

I know you can’t exactly go out to your closest Goodwill, garage sale, thrift store, or consignment store, and buy what I buy but I hope these posts at least inspire you to start considering shopping these places if you don’t already. It really will make your money stretch farther, and you may find the “treasure hunting” a lot of fun!


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