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AWESOME giveaways! July 24, 2010

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I know it has been a LONG time since I have contributed ANYTHING to this blog, but these giveaways are too good to be true!!  A couple of bloggers that I follow are hosting what they call “Sizzling Summer Sweeps” and are giving away amazing products! In fact, I have already won one, but I am still entering the others with a gusto because who knows — maybe it’s my lucky month!!  Here are just a few of the contests that I have entered.  Go over and see if there is anything ELSE that you want to enter!! (Entering is really easy! Just don’t forget to follow them so you find out if you won!)

1- FLIPHD VIDEO CAMCORDER — This link is for a FlipHD Video Camcorder — tiny, portable, something that will come in handy when Jubilee shares her face with the world in October!!

2- BOON FLAIR HIGH CHAIR (IN PINK) — A different looking chair, but hey, I don’t have one and I think this one would be great!  Looks kinda diner-y, don’t you think??

3- INFANTINO FOLD-N-GO BABY BOUNCER — this one is already done, but I thought I would show you what I already won! Can’t wait for it to arrive!!!

4- DAY AND NIGHT VIDEO MONITOR — We do have audio monitors already, but this video monitor would be a great addition to a curious first-time mom who is just wondering what is really going on in there at nap time!!!

5- MAMAROO INFANT SEAT — This looks neat with all the different ways it swings, trying to copy the different motions mom/dad would use when cuddling/swinging baby themselves!

6- AMEDA PURELY YOURS ULTRA ELECTRIC BREASTPUMP — ok, to be honest, this is the one I *really* hope to win!  We have been looking for a breast pump and they are so expensive!! This one looks fantastic and would be completely FREE!!  (my kind of deal!!)

7- POWERMAT HOME AND OFFICE BUNDLE — What a great Christmas gift for Jer if I could win this one!! Go ahead — try to win it for you and yours!! Comes with your choice of three receivers!

A HUGE thanks to Coupon Saving Mom @ and Sisterly Savings @ for gathering all these giveaways and hosting such a great month of freebies!!  Best of luck to anyone who enters!


One Response to “AWESOME giveaways!”

  1. Kimberlyna Says:

    Yay! Thanks for posting! I’ve been lonely! Congrats on your win!

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