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The Secondhand Rundown For July (Thus Far) July 25, 2010

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I didn’t hit Goodwill last week but the week before I did and bought stuff I didn’t really need. Can you say more handbags and another wallet, but after trying them out I’m only keeping the Liz Claiborne wallet, and the two authentic vintage Dooney and Bourke bags I bought (these were a bit more than their usual accessory prices at $7.99 each, and I’m still trying to decide whether to keep one and put one on Ebay or keep both). The other bags from Goodwill, one black leather bag (the brand is escaping me), one still new with store tags suede Wilson’s Leather bag, and one navy blue Etienne Aigner leather bag, are already marked for my next yard sale. I didn’t even take a group photo that week because I was embarrassed about buying more bags I don’t need. It’s my biggest shopping weakness lately, I admit. But Goodwill prices or not, it’s not very thrifty to purchase them when I don’t really need them or LOVE them. I also purchased a couple of older style Coach bags on Ebay and Etsy recently also that are in wonderful shape and will be fabulous once I clean and condition them. Those I am keeping. Out of all bags I’ve ever owned Coach bags are my very favorite  and pre-loved is the way to go. They were good prices, but splurges none the less as they were $24.00 and $26.00 including shipping. So here’s what I am keeping (minus the wallet, I don’t have a photo of that):


Total for 4 vintage/older style designer bags and 1 wallet = $67.97 (way less than the price of one brand new Coach or Dooney and Bourke bag). Oh! And I almost forgot I also purchased three cotton, sleeveless, shirts along with the bags at Goodwill (no photo). Out of the three I gave two to my mom because they were too small for me (one was an Eddie Bauer shirt) and the third I replaced a missing button on and wore it yesterday to a family gathering. The three shirts cost about $15.00 total.

Besides bags, July brings the local annual library book sale. Each year they have fill a bag for $x.xx (this year it was $10.00). I always buy one bag and my oldest son buys one bag. This is what we came home with this year (40 books total one is not in the photo as my children ran off with it first thing) including enough books to last me the rest of the year, books for both of my children, and even some books for my daycare kids:

Speaking of books I also bought a novel at a yard sale last week (no photo) for a whopping $0.10.

And last but not least there was today’s excellent Goodwill run (and not one handbag to be found amongst my purchases). I bought five shirts for myself to replace my old, holy tees I’ve been wearing (two of them are from Gap), two pony tail scarfs, a Vera Bradley wallet (if I can get it clean it will go on Ebay), a brand new Brooks Brothers polo shirt for my youngest son, and my favorite deal today a two-piece suit for my oldest son (for only $2.99, fits him perfectly and he can wear it next month to a wedding we have to go to!). Grand total for all of these items including tax: $33.77!

I challenge you to see what secondhand bargains you can find in the month of August! This month I may have made a few splurges with the handbags, but as you can see it sure beats paying retail prices even when you splurge, and you can find some really nice things with some patience and some persistance! If you do take the secondhand challenge I would love to hear about your deals so please comment with your finds!


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