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$25.86 bought me this yesterday August 1, 2010

Filed under: Second Hand Shopping — Kimberly @ 10:33 AM

Boy’s suit jacket (can’t remember the brand and it’s now in the pile to go to the dry cleaner’s).

Pink suede Banana Republic bag

Green Nine West bag (the blue spot you see on the photo is the plastic barb for the price, not a spot on the bag)

Blue leather Tignanello bag

2 Liz Wear tee shirts

Old Navy Denim jacket (I ended up returning the corduroy one in this previous post a few days after I bought it)

Everything here was bought at Goodwill. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to any yard sales yesterday even though there were signs everywhere when I was on my way to somewhere else.  The only reason I made it to Goodwill yesterday was because I had to be in the area anyway so I was able to run there when I was done with my other activity I had to be at.

This was the last of the secondhand July finds for me. I’d say I did pretty good!  I hope now that it’s August you’ll join in the challenge I issued here and don’t forget to let me know how you do!


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