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Thoughts on Clutter August 7, 2010

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I really wanted to have a garage sale this summer but it has not worked out. Every weekend there seems to be something that interferes with it, be it weather or other plans. I’m really frustrated with all of the stuff (I know, I need to stay away from Goodwill and handbags for a start, although in my defense the handbags are all neatly put away in a closet when not in use) around my house.  So today I’m having a “free sale”. I sure hope someone comes by and takes all of the stuff in the yard because frankly I never want to see it again! Wish me luck! I’ve done this in the past and sometimes everything goes, once even the comforter I had used to place some things on got taken, I learned my lesson with that one!  Other times it takes days just for one or two items to leave. I still have plenty left for a garage sale, but hopefully this will be a start in the de-cluttering. I wonder if I can convince my husband to load up the back of the truck and make a huge drop-off to Goodwill next time we are in that area…I wish it was closer than 45 minutes away so donating was easier! 

What methods do you use to rid your life of extra stuff and clutter? Or do you have a system for keeping it out in the first place? I’m hoping once I get rid of the clutter I can keep it out. I know the first thing is only to buy what I need and will use (which goes against the stock piling money-saving mentality). I’m not sure what to do about all of the stuff that is given to us as gifts (the kids in particular) though which is a HUGE part of the clutter to begin with. How do you request that others not add to it?

P.S. I’m also going to list a few items on eBay this evening once my husband gets home and can help me. I have heard that they are currently offering free auction listings (if you stay within certain parameters in your listing) so this may be a great time for me to give it a shot and rid myself of some of these handbags and accessories I bought to resell and haven’t been able to let go of!


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