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Ramblings on freebies and de-cluttering September 3, 2010

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This blog sure is quiet lately. I can’t speak for the other three ladies, but I haven’t been posting lately because I have been trying to RID myself of stuff, not bring more stuff in. So there hasn’t been a lot of deal shopping going on. Yes, finally my post about simplying months ago is starting to come to fruitation. I guess even though I was feeling the urge months ago I just wasn’t quite ready yet. Anything that’s been purchased lately was more because it was a necessity (such as some clothing items and shoes that were needed for school) not because it was a great bargain. I did, however, score a couple of freebies from (I can’t resist good free stuff). They recently sent me an email for a $10 credit to use on anything on their site that they sell directly (no 3rd party sellers) because I made magazine purchases with them in the past (deeply discounted subscriptions paid with gift cards earned from Swagbucks if I remember correctly). I know they were probably hoping I’d order another magazine subscription that was over $10, but instead I searched the office supplies because I knew they were having some back-to-school deals, and got some nice pencils and some Crayola oil pastels (these were marked down). With my subscription to Amazon Prime I ended up paying nothing. These can be stashed away for when we need them, sent to school, used as stocking stuffers, or the pencils (not the pastels because they could melt) could be used in a Samaritan’s Purse Christmas Child Shoebox. I always take advantage of this kind of offer when one comes my way even if I don’t need anything at the moment because I can always find something to gift or donate.

As far as ridding myself of clutter… it’s going slowly. Not because I haven’t been motivated, but because re-homing  everything is taking longer than I would like. But I have tossed some things, given several things away in “Free” boxes put out on the curb, have offered clothing as hand-me-downs (waiting for a reply) to my nephews, and have organized an Accessory Swap Party to take place later this month (my friends will hopefully benefit from my purse obsession).  The plan was to have a garage sale but summer is winding down and it has not happened. Not wanting to continue to store the items until next year is a big reason why I’m taking alternative routes in getting rid of them. I try not to think too much about the money I (or others in the case of gifts) spent on them (especially the things I bought before I became a bargain shopper) and how I could make back at least a portion of it if I sold it instead of gave it away. Instead I’m reminding myself I’m still being green by giving, I’m claiming my space back which is good for my sanity, I’m hopefully helping others in the process, and the items have served their purpose with me so therefore (most of them) have already paid for themselves. Giving the items away is also a good inspiration for me to think twice before buying things that I don’t really need in the future! I find giving away items that served me well is much easier than items that were rarely used. That’s actually a bit opposite than I expected it would be, but that must be the cheap me coming out and overpowering the sentimental me!

Do you prefer a simple household or do you like having your closets brimming with options? How do you deal with the items you no longer want or need? Have you ever found yourself doing a complete 180 (sort of like I’m feeling like right now) and gone from a shop-a-holic to more of a minimalist, if so how’d it turn out? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!


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