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At the mall today September 5, 2010

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Today resulted in a trip to the mall. My oldest son had missed most of his first week of school from being ill. Today he was feeling much better and was itching to get out of the house. He requested a trip to Toys R Us to buy some Battle Strikers with his birthday money. I had some coupons for B&BW and Victoria’s Secret I wanted to use before they expired so we were off.  Most of my purchases were made for gifts so it doesn’t make too much of a difference in my recent quest to simplify and my children have recently had to adopt the “one in, one out” rule meaning for each new toy they must get rid of an old one. I got everything for around $85.00.


2 Slatkin 3 wick candles (on sale 2/$20) –birthday gifts

1 Forever Sunshine body spray (free w/coupon I received in the mail) –for me

1 Cherry Blossom travel lotion (also free w/coupon I received in mail, this one I had to do as a transaction by itself). –stocking stuffer

Total: $21.40


Mascot shirt (on sale + and additional 25% off) –DS #1

2 piece cotton pj’s (on sale)–DS #2

Total: $17.49

Victoria’s Secret

4 pairs of panties (had coupon from the mail for a free pair + $10 off my purchase and they were on sale 3/$30.00)

Total $22.50

Toys R Us

2 Bakugan Bakutriads (buy 1 get 1 50% off)–Christmas gift for nephews

2 Bakugan Project-A-Lites (buy 1 get 1 $50% off)–Christmas gift for nephews

Total: ? Can’t find my receipt but approximately $26.00

When you shop at the mall coupons and sales are the way to go! I know some people are uncomfortable giving out their email addresses and/or phone numbers at the register but that is how you get mailed the valuable coupons, and who doesn’t love free (or discounted) products from the mall?!


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