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I Fell Off the Wagon September 11, 2010

Filed under: Bath & Body Works,Bonanzle,TJ Maxx — Kimberly @ 5:32 PM

Today I bought stuff I did not need.  I’ve been doing well trying to get rid of the excess junk. I’ve even gone so far as to go through old photo albums and toss out MANY old photos. Afterall does a woman who has been married well over a decade need photos of flowers that ex-boyfriends gave her? And does anyone really need photos of children they used to babysit for years ago that they barely remember? No? That’s what I thought. Today, however, I may have added to the clutter. A new TJ Maxx opened up a few weeks ago and I was in the area so I just had to check it out. Let me tell you I could have spent hours there. I was in handbag heaven.  In fact I was in there for over an hour and never made it past the handbag/accessories section and the household section. So here is what got the best of me and made me fall off the wagon. On the bright side I didn’t spend TOO much money (total for everything was $50.84). But really all that should have been purchased was the leather 2011 appointment book for $12.99 which is a gift.

No handbags but close enough. This time it is a red clutch/wristlet, two wallets that remind me of clutches in appearance (one gold sequins, which looks silver due to the flash, but I assure you is gold, and one animal prints), but cannot hold anything other than money and cards, and a coin purse. I really like the red clutch. It has a cool liner too! It opens up and unfolds to this which is unlike anything else I have at the moment:

I digress. Truly these kind of things are my shopping Achilles tendon!

If that wasn’t bad enough last night I made a purchase on Bonanzle. Don’t know what is? It’s sort of like eBay, but better in my opinion. No bidding, it’s like everything is a buy it now. This purchase was a total steal and I cannot wait to receive it in the mail! I found a Coach (and yes, it’s authentic) Soho wristlet for $14.00 shipped. It is previously used, but listed in excellent condition, and I do believe it is the large capacity wristlet (no measurements were listed so I’m going on the photo, but even if it is the small size it is still a good deal). I did use my “mad money”, which is money I get deposited each month into my PayPal account for some articles I wrote last year, so it doesn’t really make a dent in my wallet, but it does add one more thing to my household that I suppose I don’t need. If I remember to I’ll post photos when it arrives.

I wish I could say that is all. But I also went to Bath & Body Works today, yes, that is my other weakness. Once again I got a great deal. And I do think this doesn’t really count as falling off the wagon because everything I buy there is consumable. It could be argued that I don’t need more candles or body products, but they get used and replaced, and I enjoy them. I don’t think we should totally deprive ourselves from every treat we enjoy just to be simple, as long as it doesn’t overtake us and overwhelm us. I spent a total of $10.60 and got two candles (reg. 9.50 ea), a full size body wash (reg.10.50), and a travel size body wash (reg. $3.50). It’s almost like I bought one candle and got one candle and the body washes for free. I used a Facebook coupon (I told you to fan them!) for the travel size, and a coupon that they mailed me for the full size body wash, which made them both free. The candles were on sale for 2/$10.00. I am keeping the candles. The small body wash will be a stocking stuffer. The large one will be given to my dad.

Time to pick myself up, dust myself off, and climb back onto the wagon!


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