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This (LAST) Week’s Deals and Steals October 17, 2010

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My best deal of the week (for last week, I keep forgetting today is Sunday) was not a result of shopping, but a result of my Gram moving and downsizing. I got three large bags of  gift wrap, gift boxes, etc. for free that she no longer has room or a need for. I’m thrilled because frankly I never think to buy that stuff ahead of time (other than Christmas wrap) and keep it on hand. I end up wrapping b-day gifts in newspaper or spending a ridiculous amount to buy pretty paper at the last moment. This should keep me set for a while. I still need to look through it! It’s been so busy I haven’t had time to see everything but that’s on my to-do list for my day off this week. I also go a large Tupperware 8 Cup measuring cup from her. I love freecycling, whether it’s passing on my own items, or receiving items I need. You can get much more frugal or green than that!

On the online shopping front I took advantage of the additonal 20% off clearance items plus free shipping Land’s End has been offering. This offer was sent to my email and I had to shop through the email link for it to work. I don’t believe you can get the deal without the email. There does, however, seem to be another deal available for just the additional 20% off using code EXTRAFALL and pin 5298. You may still find some decent deals even with having to pay shipping. It’s only valid through tomorrow (10/18 /10) so shop soon if you want to take advantage. I purchased two boys’ necklaces, two women’s bracelets, two market bags, and one tote bag for under $50.00 which will all be for Christmas gifts. Oh! And I almost forgot, a couple of weeks ago I got a Catalina from Price Chopper for a free hard cover photo book from Shutterfly. I only had to pay shipping. Christmas gift for dh’s grandmother…check! Total cost for the photo book was $7.99. Yes,  kind of steep for shipping one 20 page book, but since the book retails for $30.00 plus shipping, and it’s just the kind of gift she loves, it was worth it!

Lastly I returned some items to Bath & Body Works yesterday that I didn’t like and picked up a few items using the credit from the returns and a couple of coupons. Unfortunately I no longer had my recepits and since they are items no longer sold in the stores (only online, which is where I purchased them) I could only receive a store credit for the last price they sold for in the stores (which was $3 a piece). I’m not really sure how much I paid for them since I use a lot of coupon codes, but getting just $9.00 in store credit for $30.50 worth of items was a bit of a bummer. I didn’t want my money back, I just wanted to exchange the two shower gels and one body lotion for two shower gels and one body lotion in fragrances I did like but I wasn’t allowed to. I learned my lesson. 1. Don’t order B&BW products online unless I already know I like the scent and 2. Save my invoices until I’m sure I won’t need them. I’m happy I came home with things I did like though. For $10.60 OOP I bought a Twisted Peppermint Shower Gel (for my youngest son who LOVES it), 1 Warm Vanilla Suger Body Butter, 1 Sensual Amber Body Butter, a 4 oz ‘Tis the Season candle, and a travel size Lay It On Thick Shower Cream. The shower gel and shower cream were free after coupons, the body butters were on sale for $7 each, and the candle was on sale for $5. It’s crazy to think everything pictured below would have cost over $56.00 if I had paid full retail price for it.

What bargains have you gotten lately? Where do you find your best deals? I seem to only be able to find online deals, thrift store deals, and mall deals, plus the occasional hand-me-down or mail freebie. I’ve given up on drugstore deals since Rite Aid changed the way they do sales and rewards, and grocery deals seem limited where I can shop. I still clip grocery coupons and watch the sales but I’ll never be able to get groceries for my family of four (six if you count the cats) for under $100. I’d love to save more on food and the like, but  I guess I’ll take any deals I can get!


2 Responses to “This (LAST) Week’s Deals and Steals”

  1. Brandy Says:

    I love those hand-me down items like you grandmother gave you! I have blessed by a lot of those recently, including a new blender. I also went to pick pomegranates at someone’s house this week.

    Good deals on food are coming up in November and December. That’s when I buy potatoes for .10 a pound and stock up (Vons is having a 3-day sale at that price today through Tuesday by me. My family eats 10 pounds a day, easily, so I will get 100 pounds). Turkeys will be going on sale as well as hams, so those are great things to stock up on. Also, oranges will be on sale in December.

    Bulk food sources might help you cut the costs down even more. I got 25 pounds of oats for $7.60 recently, and 25 pounds of white beans for $14.10.

    • kimberlyna Says:

      Congrats on the blender and pomegranates! Unfortunately I don’t have a Vons nearby, it sounds great like a great deal on potatoes. I will keep an eye out at my local stores those months though to see if I can find any wonderful deals on those holiday staple foods. I do occasionally shop for bulk foods, but the closest place I’ve found is almost an hour away, so it’s not always worth the commute. Thanks for sharing your tips!

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