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AWESOME giveaways! July 24, 2010

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I know it has been a LONG time since I have contributed ANYTHING to this blog, but these giveaways are too good to be true!!  A couple of bloggers that I follow are hosting what they call “Sizzling Summer Sweeps” and are giving away amazing products! In fact, I have already won one, but I am still entering the others with a gusto because who knows — maybe it’s my lucky month!!  Here are just a few of the contests that I have entered.  Go over and see if there is anything ELSE that you want to enter!! (Entering is really easy! Just don’t forget to follow them so you find out if you won!)

1- FLIPHD VIDEO CAMCORDER — This link is for a FlipHD Video Camcorder — tiny, portable, something that will come in handy when Jubilee shares her face with the world in October!!

2- BOON FLAIR HIGH CHAIR (IN PINK) — A different looking chair, but hey, I don’t have one and I think this one would be great!  Looks kinda diner-y, don’t you think??

3- INFANTINO FOLD-N-GO BABY BOUNCER — this one is already done, but I thought I would show you what I already won! Can’t wait for it to arrive!!!

4- DAY AND NIGHT VIDEO MONITOR — We do have audio monitors already, but this video monitor would be a great addition to a curious first-time mom who is just wondering what is really going on in there at nap time!!!

5- MAMAROO INFANT SEAT — This looks neat with all the different ways it swings, trying to copy the different motions mom/dad would use when cuddling/swinging baby themselves!

6- AMEDA PURELY YOURS ULTRA ELECTRIC BREASTPUMP — ok, to be honest, this is the one I *really* hope to win!  We have been looking for a breast pump and they are so expensive!! This one looks fantastic and would be completely FREE!!  (my kind of deal!!)

7- POWERMAT HOME AND OFFICE BUNDLE — What a great Christmas gift for Jer if I could win this one!! Go ahead — try to win it for you and yours!! Comes with your choice of three receivers!

A HUGE thanks to Coupon Saving Mom @ and Sisterly Savings @ for gathering all these giveaways and hosting such a great month of freebies!!  Best of luck to anyone who enters!


Great deals at Giant — still time to get yours! November 5, 2009

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I do not do very much of my shopping at Giant, but when I get a handful of coupons, deals are often to be found there.  This week, I feel like I hit a gold mine.  Or at least a Golden Brew mine!

Giant is currently running a “Buy More, Save More” sale, where they are offering many items on Buy One Get One Free.  Mixing sales with coupons this week has allowed me to stock up on certain items that we use a lot of for next to nothing.

Here goes:

1st trip:
4 bags of 8 O’Clock coffee
  — BOGO at $3.89.  Used this $2/2 coupon 
2 bottles of 16oz Coffee Mate creamer — 3/$5. I used two $1 off 1 bottle but it is no longer available. You can still get a $1.50/2 coupon here though..
2 bottles of 16oz International delight creamer — BOGO at $1.89. I printed a $0.55 coupon here. (Giant doubles up to .99)  My creamers were 2 for $0.79
4 cans of Campbells soup (tomato and chicken noodle) — 10/$6. I used this $1/2 coupon.
2 tubs of 1 pint Giant ice cream — BOGO at $1.99. No coupons, I just thought they looked good.
2 bags of Stroehman bread — BOGO at $3.89 (?). No coupon, just a good price for bread we like.
2 bags of tortilla chips — BOGO $2.99 (?)

All in all, just over $14 for 18 items!

2nd Trip:
4 bags of coffee
  — printed more coupons above on another computer.
2 Coffee mates — as above.
2 International Delights — as above.
Pineapple — .75 coupon from here (not sure why it didn’t double)
6 round steaks — “sell by date” is tomorrow, so they were super cheap and will keep in my freezer just fine.  Plus, I used this $2 off $5 purchase coupon.

All this for just over $11 total 🙂


More cheap chicken!!

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We go to through a lot of chicken at out house so I’m always glad to find it on a decent sale. This week is one of those sales. Karns is a pretty local store but if anyone who finds this blog happens to live near one, chicken is on sale for $1.29 when you buy a 10 lb bag… I am still wishing we had a deep freezer!!!


My Big, Capital F shopping trip November 2, 2009

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In this case, “F” does not stand for “fabulous” or “fantastic” as it sometimes would.. Nope, in this case, the “F” stands for “Flop” or “Failure” or “Foolishness…”  Needless to say, my deal shopping did not go as planned today.

Jer and I have both landed ourselves a couple of head colds, so I went to take advantage of the “Buy $20, get $10 back in ECB” deal at CVS.. (My first mistake was going with a head cold!!! I was NOT thinking straight)

I wanted to buy the following:

2 Vicks Vapo Rub ointments, $5 each

1 DayQuil/ 1 NyQuil (which I swear I saw previewed on sale for 2/$5 but they weren’t)

2 Ricola cough drops $2 each

and 1 CVS brand cough drop $1

That should have equaled $20 for the $10 back…

But I had a $5 off $25 coupon, so I added a bit.

Kleenex was on sale Buy One Get One Free at $2.39

and I picked up the sticky notes which I had a raincheck for.

All that should have equaled … $26.76.

I used the $5 off $25 coupon, $1 ECB, $1.50 off dayquil, and $1.00 off vapo rub. And somehow my total was $25 something… that was enough to throw me off but I couldn’t figure it out..

Turns out, the Day/NyQuil was not on QUITE the sale that I thought it was.. it was $5each, not 2/$5… AND I bought the wrong one.. I bought the Cold and Flu that rang up at $5.99 each and did NOT work towards the ECB deal.. So I got Andrew (my shift manager friend 🙂 ) to return the Cold and Flu and get the Sinus ones that were the right ones.. and I left… still knowing something was not right but not able to put cold-stuffed brain on it…

In the car, I realized to myself “Self! if the Day/NyQuil were twice as much as you expected, you only needed to get half as many to reach the $20.”  And then I realized that my Kleenex did not ring up as BOGO like I anticipated.  There is the $7.49 I did not expect to pay…

Needless to say, I’ll be returning to the store tomorrow to see how much of a pain I can be by returning the unneeded NyQuil (store brand works just as well and I was only getting this because it was cheap and ended up spending an extra $5!!) and exchanging the 2 boxes of Kleenex for ones that are actually included in the sale (I looked it up in the flyer, and it looks like I grabbed the ONE variety that is not listed in the ad…)

Then I shot over to Giant and ended up leaving empty handed because they were out of the 8 O’Clock coffee that was going to cost me $0.95 each and they had no International Delight Creamer that I was going to get for free OR Coffee Mate that was going to be $0.66 a bottle…


I swear, I won’t step into another store  besides for my return to CVS tomorrow until after this cold clears up (except maybe a quick trip to Rite Aid for a free after rebate toothbrush!)



CVS going GREEN October 17, 2009

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cvs-green-bag-tagCVS has joined so many other stores in encouraging their customers to “go Green

Next time you are in CVS look for the new Green Bag Tags that are available for purchase at $.99 each (I assume that these will be near the registers).

Then, each time you go to CVS and bring your own bags, have them scan that card.  After every 4th scan, you will earn $1 Extra Care Buck! (although it is a limit of 1 scan per household per day)

Thanks Couponing To Disney!


Shop Cheap and Buy Ahead

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After a long, not-on-purpose hiatus from “deal shopping”, I’ve finally gotten out of the house to hit some stores today. Well, one so far, but I hope to get out again this afternoon to catch some sales before the week is over…

My best tip for the day is simply this:  Know what’s around you.  Jeremiah and I lived in Carlisle for over a year before I ever heard of “the bent and dent store” that is near by. Then it was another few months before I ventured in to see if it was as good as it was spoken of… Why?? I don’t know!

Take today’s trip for example — Jeremiah asked me to keep my eyes open for two things: Coffee and Creamer.  Unfortunately, they have never stocked creamer for as long as I have looked for it. BUT, I struck gold by looking for coffee.  Not only did I find CHEAP coffee, but I found his FAVORITE coffee CHEAP!  I came home with SIX bags of Seattle’s Best coffee for a total of $12.50.  Pretty sure it is on sale this week at Walmart for $6.00 a bag… So that’s a savings of $23.50 right there!

Granted, you probably don’t have a “BB’S Bent, Bumps, and Bundles of Bargains” 30 minutes from your house, but what DO you have?

Another score I made recently was on chicken — Chicken, as you well know, is not as cheap as it once was… OR IS IT!?  We have a store near here that often sells boneless skinless chicken for $1.78/lb when you buy 10lbs or more. Last week, it was on for $1.49!  Guess who stocked up!

The next thing we are going to need, in case you haven’t figured it out, is a deep freeze… Anyone know of any good deals on those??